Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Blog Scoop

Life is very good and very busy and the days are quite full.
I don't have the desire to carve out as much time to blog : )
That's why there have been less words....more and more time in between the events that take place and posting pictures of them.

I'm going to be a more periodically-when-I-feel-like-it-and-find-the-time blogger and less of a daily blogger this year. And that, will make me a happier person and a better, more attentive mommy ;-) Every other day? We'll see.

Within a few months I will leave my precious babies (for 2 weeks!) to fly half way around the world. I want to spend lots of time savoring life as a biological family of 7 before we become a beautifully blended family of ?? More. The thought of leaving them is kind of killing me and I have to look at it as a missions trip of sorts. What must be done must be done. A sacrifice to be made for the greater good in which I will surely grow and change for the better. I'm thrilled to visit Ethiopia, just not to leave behind little ones I will miss terribly.

And while I'm making {radical} changes, I'm thinking (again) about getting my hair cut.
Really short. Yes I am. Because I'm not as young as I used to be and I don't feel the need to impress you or do my hair anymore. Not that I was ever great at it anyway, and it tended to my not-so-good hair. Shorter hair feels free and more than almost anything else on this earth, I long to be just that. Free.

It's a sunshiney Tuesday and our new school schedule which we started today seems to be a success.
Spending our days together is rewarding beyond compare and I am one lucky lady.


Lindy said...

The blog world will be a lot duller without a daily post from you. I was already having a hard time dealing with no-weekend-blogging, so I'll just have to mentally adjust one more time...

I've always thought that you are a short-haired-girl at heart! It just fits you! Can't wait to see what you decide upon! I have two (really old) hair magazines if you need to browse before you make the big decision!

Courtney said...

what's your "new" school schedule??
and i was JUST thinking this morning that i need to see a pic of your kids..SOON!! :-)

Carrie said...,,9jlxfdd5,00.html

Try this, try before you cut your hair website!!

Stephanie Headley said...

Oh are such a good mommy! I know you are concerned about spending quality time with your kiddos, but I know you do all you can! And, the new kiddos that will be joining your beautiful family will get just as much of your quality! Good luck with the hair cut decision. I'm always growing out and cutting off! Short is easier, except for having to get it cut all the time. And frankly, for me, finding the time for that is tough! But, I wish you luck in EVERYTHING. Hair cuts, children, family, and future! Love you ;)

EM said...

How ever you cut your hair will be beautiful. You have a nice chin for short hair. I have a non existant chin so I need sholder length hair to give people something else to look at.
I'm also interested in your new school schedule. Any tips for a newbie to homeschooling? I'm planning on doing a preschool program this fall. Nothing boxed, just some ideas I've picked up from subbing. But any advice would be very welcome.
Good for you re: blogging off and on. Me too. I'm tired of feeling bad because I am too busy posting pictures of my kids to spend time with them!
Still love checking in on you though, so don't disappear completely!
Take care.

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