Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Friday, August 14, 2009

Schedule and....

The students on the first day of school.
The bicycle helmet is because we take safety very seriously at the kitchen table.
One girl in her nightgown and one shirtless-as you can see, no dress code! Come as you are in all your cuteness, that's the rule.

6:30 Mom up/pray/spend time with God and coffee!

7:15 Kids wake up/pray/spend time with God

7:30 Breakfast

7:45 Morning routine (chores for kids, chores for mom)
*Loud praise music playing during morning routine*

8:15 Free time OR extra chores (extra jobs if chores weren't done well)

8:45 Tidy up

9:00 School

11:30 Lunch

12:00 Clean up lunch (kids help)

12:30 Recess

1:00 Mom read to little kids (big kids like to listen too)

1:15 Quiet time/Reading/Writing (big kids do school work independently, little kids nap)

2:00 Quiet time free play alone (big kids can play quietly)

3:00 Afternoon routine (kids each have one chore)

3:30 Free time/extra chores if job wasn't done well

4:00 T.V. (mom makes dinner, may or may not have a helper)

5:00 Set table/tidy up

5:30 Dinner

6:00 Puzzle Center (kids do puzzles, mom and dad chat and clean up dinner)

6:30 Family time

7:30 Brush teeth/Prep for bed

7:45 Circle time/clear conscience (read Bible, read children's novel we're currently working on, ask for forgiveness if any offenses are left unresolved, pray)

8:15 Quiet reading (kids read to themselves or look at books quietly)

8:30 Lights out

Sleep tight

Mom and dad time-Ahhhh. Until the thunderstorms begin and kids start to cry.

This is what we were doing yesterday on Jayla's birthday. I accidentally deleted the 2 adorable pictures I snapped of our 5. Major bummer.

My hair is much, much shorter now : )

"You are still silly, fun and lively, thank God!"
Written to me by an old, old friend I met in kindergarten and reconnected with on facebook. She has to be old, we're the same age : )
It's funny as I meet people again on fb that I knew from childhood how several of them have reminded me of that aspect of myself.

I so, so, sooooo often feel burdened, overwhelmed by the multitude of never ending tasks I alone am personally responsible for and can never seem to quite accomplish. The to do list is long, times of rest and reprieve are short, prioritizing is challenging. If I still have any inkling of lightheartedness, it is a miracle! I am glad to remember I used to be fun and hope to not entirely lose the joy of my youth.

Have a wonderful, splendid, fantastic, weekend.
I am thankful for you, friends.

You are like sunshine on a rainy day.


Courtney said...

loved reading your schedule. i don't know why i'm so interested in stuff like that...but i really enjoyed the "peak" into your day!

Stephanie Headley said...

Well, yes, you are still silly! That's why you are able to relate and enjoy your children SO SO much! Crazy moms are great! I put myself in that category! Jenna snapped me on a little video the other day singing in the car to one of her radio disney songs! She was just LAUGHING! So glad we can debrief on occasion! Enjoy school schedule! Sounds like you've got it all figured out!

Deanna said...

One question, What do you do with the little ones during school? Especially the really little one?

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