Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The occasion my girl will never forget

Her first slumber party! Not extravagant, not large, but fun for the girls.
They are easy to please.
Pizza was first.
Dolly is obviously not concerned about slumber party etiquette.
Ripping your shirt off when the guests arrive is NOT proper, lady like conduct.
I wish I would have snapped a picture of Butler Bob serving the girls with a towel draped over his forearm. All they had to do was say the word, clap their hands twice in the air, and he was Bobby on the Spot to fill drinks, serve more pizza, etc. Since I didn't get a picture, you can take my word for it-he's a very handsome butler.

The spa treatment began with feet soaking in sweet scented bubbly water.

Refreshing treats for the ladies.

Pedicures followed. They were painting each other's nails in all kinds of sparkly crazy color combinations by the end of the spa treatment. I wasn't great with pictures here. I was too busy helping with polish remover, opening bottles, refilling drinks.....but I did get one of the birthday girl.

Outside for presents.

Ours was the gift wrapped in the quilt. It doesn't get greener than that : ) It is a barbie castle thing we found at Arc, brought home and scrubbed like brand new. No, she was not embarrassed her gift was not new and packaged with plastic and none of the girls mentioned it either. Not one of these sweet girls is spoiled rotten. It is 2009 and materialism is OUT!
Pink cupcakes followed and again I was too occupied passing out cake and ice cream to get pictures. Butler Bob was helping and getting video footage. Maybe I should hire a photographer next time. Ha.
They played outside and enjoyed her gifts, then when it was starting to get late we had them put on pjs and lay out their sleeping bags for a Barbie movie Jayla selected from Netflix.
Chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast after the girls woke up (way, way too early!) Then, an impromptu tea party before it was time to go home.
The party was small and simple, because that's the way we do parties in Deutschland, if we have them at all.
The girls enjoyed themselves and I believe each one was made to feel special. An advantage to few guests.
Today is her actual birthday and now she's officially a tween.
If I didn't enjoy her company so much at this age, I might be really sad.
She is fun and kind and can understand a lot at this age. She is grasping concepts that are abstract and gaining more of an awareness of how others feel about things. She can anticipate consequence and asks many questions about the way people behave and their actions.
She is helpful around the house, taking initiative to lend a hand without being asked, and good with her siblings and says the nicest things to me just when I could use some extra kindness.
She simply adores her dad and is grateful for any "special" time she can get to enjoy with her parents when the other children are asleep. She plays games without feeling the urge to hide pieces in her pants!
I never knew having an 8 year old could be so wonderful.
You warm, warm, warm my heart Jayla Kim.
I am proud of the thoughtful, generous young lady you are becoming.
You inspire me and make me want to be a better mom, a gentler person.
There is nothing you can do to make me stop loving you.
You will always be my treasured baby girl.


Stephanie Headley said...

Looks like quite the fun party! Such a lucky little girl you have, and sounds like you're a pretty lucky mom too! You compliment one another, I'm sure of that! Happy Birthday Ms. Jayla!

Holly said...

you did an adorable job! I can't wait for 'this' stage.

and what a precious tribute!

Courtney said...

this IS such a fun stage, isn't it?? i'm loving it too! and i just might copy that entire day...when i let rebekah have her first slumber party... :-)

Kim said...

Jayla, I couldn't ask for a more wonderful girl to have been named after me! You are a delight to all you come in contact with! I love you dearly. Happy Birthday! Kim

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