Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Devil Lives at Wal Mart

Really, I believe he does. Along with all my money after today.
Customer service, anyone? Hello? A N Y O N E see me with my 5 kids and my 2 carts + the big plastic drawer thing that wouldn't fit into overflow cart #2 that my 6 year old is trying his best, (bless his little heart) to haul out to our van while the 8 year old daughter pushes the 1 year old in the stroller and the toddler boys walk behind their mama like good kids? I know you see us because the entire.time. we spent shopping, which was over 2 hours! (Yes, indeed. 120 blissful minutes.) you were either turning yourself completely around to make sure and catch a second glimpse of the woman who so obviously enjoys procreating and should wear a scarlet B for Breeder on her shirt, or you were sneering, glaring, shaking your head at us because EACH ONE of my children was not PERFECTLY behaved, ACCORDING TO YOU every second of our shopping extravaganza. Seriously people. Shopping spree observation is NOT a good indicator of the type of parent a person is, or the type of children they have. Shopping is HARDER than almost anything else that must be done on a regular basis. D I F F I C U L T. NOT like real, everyday, at home life.

If you see us fumbling through the parking lot, in an effort to transport our massive loot, why not lend a helping hand, rather than stare at the spectacle? Why?

I buy a lot at once BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO GO BACK ANYTIME SOON. Shocking? I don't think so. I take my kids shopping because I don't choose to leave during the evenings when we are actually doing things together as a family, that are FUN, unlike visiting the devil's playground. Don't hate me because I've got kids who EAT FOOD, so we have to PURCHASE IT SOMEWHERE. Or do. Whatever. I don't even care. I just get tired of feeling like a parade.

Would it hurt you to stop staring long enough to actually trek your judgemental little self over to us and ask if you may be of assistance? I mean, I know you're busy cranking your neck around to watch and all.
I'm going to help when I see a mom in need, one who is trying to mind her own business and make it through the parking lot so she can go home....just as soon my kids are big enough to allow me to be helpful to someone other than them. I may even teach them to be kind and do the same. Imagine that! And no, I won't forget. I will not, I will not, I will not.

I've sure been blog venting a lot haven't I? Sometimes I just need to get it out. IN CAPITAL LETTERS. Then, I usually delete it because I doubt my children will care to read my rants in their blog book, and if I die soon, I want them to remember me as a nicer person than I truly am.

Been too busy shopping at Wal Mart, (and celebrating Tyden's birthday!) to blog much.
Will post pictures of the 5 year old soon.
How I love, love, love that boy. Yes I do.


Lindy said...

We were at Wal Mart today too. IF I had seen you, I promise, I wouldn't have stared (if I had, it would be because I was thinking, "how in the world did that tiny little woman give birth to five children and still have an 18-year-old's body?"). PLEASE let me watch your kids sometime while you go to Wal-Mart? We are bored out of our minds, and your kids could come and entertain my kids while you shop, cutting your time into a fraction of the original amount! We would LOVE to. Really. I'm going to just start calling you weekly to see when you're going, and then if you don't let me watch any of your kids, I'm going to show up at Wal-Mart just to assist you. :) So, call me. It's really the better option of the two, don't you think? :)

You are an awesome mom. Anyone that knows you knows it's true. Keep that chin up! Wal-Mart is definitely NOT the place to analyze parenting skills. Really. Those fluorescent lights do strange things to people.

Holly said...

I know I'm 'supposed' to be laughing with you...and yet, all I can do is just get mad....must be too close to home!?

even Jake mentioned how annoying all the comments we get are, for the first time the other day - and I can't even start on Wal-Mart - there ain't enough space for me here ;-)

Courtney said...

i know i know i KNOW!
and i won't forget either!
i like the idea of teaching our kids to help! let's start there. what else can we do, right?? :-)

Tisha said...

Lindy, did you know how to spell fluorescent without looking? You're AMAZING! I want to come to your house and send my kids to Wal Mart alone!

Holly, I know you know about the comments, my sister. Good to have someone feel my pain the way you do.

Courtney, you're always inspiring me to do better. Yes! We can start there and make something good out of something bad!

Stephanie Headley said...

I had a similar situation once, only with my lawn getting a little too long! I wanted to march up to the guy who left the "nasty little note", and introduce him to my disabled children who take up my spare time, let him know that my hubby was working 15 hours a day, and let him know that anytime he wanted to "do something nice" for someone, I would sure let him mow my lawn! But, I had my sister in law come over instead so I could mow my lawn!

Never mind that there are people just around the corner that have grown children that are digging a basement in their yard. They have dirt piled everywhere with weeds growing taller than my seven-year-olds, and has been that way for 2 years. He had to pick my yard to complain about?! (it wasn't even that tall!) CRAZY people!!!! They're everywhere!! HELP!!!

Carrie said...

I'm with you! I find it best just not to look at anyone while I am doing my shopping, then I don't see the "looks!" If someone does have something to say, its usually, "are all these yours?" which I reply "No, I just love taking all these kids to Wal-Mart!" Or my new favorite, "All boys? Thats too bad" with my kids standing RIGHT there, feeling fabulous about being a boy. Why can't people keep their rude comments to themselves???

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