Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The emerging church

People I deeply respect are passionately for it.
Other people I deeply respect are passionately against it.

Books I've read by all the currently popular people, the books my friends are referencing, books that have inspired me to do, seem to fall into this line of thinking, the emerging church.

And, it's everywhere, all over people's lives. It has awakened many, opened eyes to truly good works, to the horrific atrocities around the globe occurring every day.

Why do some biblical scholars stand adamantly opposed? Are they just old fashioned, stuck? Are they talking about that other emerging church group? Is there a difference between the emerging churches or is it one big emerging church?

It may appear out of balance, placing too much emphasis on service, relationship with others, self propelled action, and not enough on sound doctrine, relationship with God, keeping Him on the throne.
Could only people with posh lifestyles by most worldwide standards say such a thing?

Can doing good become our god? What is the point of doing if we do not share the good news of the gospel about the God that is able to save to the uttermost with the people we are doing for? Should we be more concerned with saving souls than saving lives, or equally with both?

Can we really set the world right? How? Is that where our focus should lie?

What does it look like to love justice? Set the captive free?

They say hypocrisy within the church is making it difficult for young people to believe or retain their faith through their college years. Doesn't this type of 'movement' help thwart that by putting our money where our mouths are?

So much to think many questions....I need to go read the gospels.

If you know anything about this, I welcome your feedback. I'm trying to learn. These questions keep me awake.


Holly said...

it is so much to think about and I am so FOR both sides.

I got about 15 pages into Holes in Our Gospel and had to put it down for this very same reason....he was slammin' evangelizing in the name of doing good and I just didn't feel like trudging through that - there is a balance and I'm pretty sure you'll find it in the gospels ;-)

Holly said...

Yes, balance is the key. I hate labels in general, but I do believe that our actions speak louder than our words and without our actions our faith has no meaning and is dead. The thing is, the more you read your bible and the more you pour over scriptures, the more you will be spurred to action. The less you read about Jesus' life, the more likely you are to sit in your comfortable bubble and not do a dang thing about the suffering around the world and in your own backyard. I won't be labled... but I will DO as scripture commands in Isaiah 58. :)

Stephanie Headley said...

When we save lives (the way we believe), do we not also save souls? Just something I was thinking! I have a friend whose husband led her by example, and she says all the time that he saved her life (and her soul)! We can lead by example, and when people see our happiness, they want what we have....that spurs them to ask us why? Why are we happy? Why do we do things the way we do things? I am ever-so-grateful for the gospel!

Tisha said...

I mean literally saving lives, with clean water, and food-basic provision-not here in the USA. I'm talking about intervening-through financial donation in sitations of extreme poverty or injustice or opression, where we never actually come in contact WITH the people we are helping. That's what I was meaning to ask....:)

Stephanie Headley said...

We are all responsible for all of God's children! They are our brothers and sisters out there! I think it's wonderful that you do all you can through financial donations....and through example! And, .... through adoption! I think if you follow your heart and follow the direction of the Holy are saving lives the way God intends you to do so...of course there is always interpretation by "others"....but I say, interpret it YOUR way! If you are at one with your Father in Heaven, he knows the TRUE intent of your heart, and he is aware of how many things you sacrifice to save others. I've not heard the term "emerging church"....I will be looking this up...but I was going off the other things you said, mostly!

Whoever said "ignorance is bliss" blissfully unaware of what is truly going on in the world....I'd rather be aware, and take care of all I can....than live in a "bubble."

Anonymous said...

oh Holly, I do encourage you to keep reading! It doesn't stay there I promise! Richard Strearns' whole message of the 'hole' is that you have the ''Bono'' church. They are the hands and feet ,all action.....but they have(no mouth=no jesus=no salvation)
then you got the right wing strict Ev. church that is ''all mouth''= no action. All they need is Jesus...
Somewhere we have to come together in that, we have to take action and speak the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Anyone on the mission field will tell you, food is like God to them. You can't preach Jesus without filling their belly first (or clothes, water).
With the ''Emergent Church'' I think that is a label for this group of people that want to put their hands and feet where their mouths have been......(and in this group you'll have many varieties of good/bad) but somehow it's trying to get out there. I am def more ''critical'' of my religious friends, then unbelievers cuz they should know better. Jesus confronts Phariseeism constantly for this reason.


Holly said...

also - I was reading in Acts 6 the other day and this was on my mind as I read!

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