Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Oh I LOVE these types of discussions. I thrive on them. I only wish I knew more people who would hash it out with me! Thank you to those that did privately and in comments. There is much to consider. If you have anything to add, please, please, please do. I know you are some smart ladies with some deep thoughts and things to say! I appreciate the input tons.

Still mulling it over, I do believe, like all of you have said about yourselves, I will fall somewhere in the middle, I'm not exactly sure where on the continuum. It will probably change with time....

As a lover of biblical doctrine, it does not bore me, at all. I feel like it doesn't have to be made to appear fancy or exciting or inviting. It is innately all that. It is beyond hip and cool, for every generation. It makes me sad that we would have to "revamp." But maybe it just what churches have done with it that needs some tweaking.

I also like politics a little and babies a lot, born and unborn.

What does this mean? I don't exactly know other than this is what God has given me to work with.

I just don't want to leave Him behind, in the background, while I run to serve.
I don't want my relationship with Him left unmentioned, while my passion for others is what I discuss most. I don't want His saving grace, the gift of eternal life, the forgiveness (of ALL MY SINS!) to grow dim as my pursuit of justice gains brightness. I don't want to quote only authors and never scripture.

My life will end before too long, and theirs will as well. The cares of this world will swiftly wash away. The hope of Eternity is the great equalizing factor, for all of us. It matters much.

It is my hope that others will be able to see my faith by my works. I want to show sacrificial love and generosity that exceeds humanitarian effort, what could only happen with divine intervention.
He is good. If I do good, it is only because of Him.

This is my processing-outloud. If I die soon, I would like my children to remember me as nicer than I was, and thoughtful about important matters. :)

May God always have the glory. Praise Him for He is sovereign and He is just He deserves all the attention.
He reigns, glory hallelujah, He reigns.
That is no joke.


Holly said...

Amen Tisha! :)

Cassie said...

i kinda love it when people process outloud.
thanks for sharing. good thoughts.

Courtney said...

loved these last 2 posts.
YES, i think it's got to be a balance.
but you have to have a STRONG foundation of HIM before you can even begin on the other. because the "other"(serving, DOING, ACTING) so easily becomes about US and checking this off and making ourselves feel better and it's so EASY to lose sight of him.

we need to DO and SERVE and ACT...but only through HIM.

as with's all about balance!!!

{i had a hard time with that in Hole in our Gospel, too, Holly, but i kept at it and there really was lots of good stuff. i know YOU have the foundation there to take it in. but lots of newer Christians wouldn't. a little dangerous...}

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