Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

California Dreamin

~Jayla and I are departing at 9:00 am Friday from Denver. Which means we would have to leave Peyton at Too Early Thirty to get to DIA in time, so what the hey? Might as well spend the night at a hotel in Denver with the family. That way, the rest of the Deutsch crew can get a little vacation too (you like that poetry? Beautiful, right?)
I mean, it's just flat wrong-a-roo (still rhyming!) to have only the 2 eldest ladies in the family spoiled rotten with R&R.
We're staying at a place that will shuttle us to the airport in the morning. It does not get better than that. My peeps don't even have to drag themselves outta bed for the event.
Sarah has some good things planned and I think we will have great fun. I haven't seen her in so long I fear I will look old and tattered, but then I remember the years have passed for her also (although she is still gorgeous!).....time and age happen to us all.

~Made the most delicious (and nutritious) pumpkin bread this morning, but I'm not even going to show you pictures nor give the recipe. Not with the way you underappreciated my pie and everything. But I will say, if you get Goodhousekeeping magazine, you may already have it :)
Farm vegetable soup is in the crock pot smelling up the house delicously.

~I'm doing the Beth Moore study Living Beyond Yourself online, by myself (whom I am living beyond) every morning. Wowzers. It's good, good, good. That's my review.

~Happy Birthday this Friday to Flint!! You're 4!! Yipee. I love you bunches, think about you every single day all day long, and can not wait until we meet. I'm super happy we will be able to spend your next birthday together. XOXO


Courtney said...

awesome! i love all that you have to look forward to!

Sandy said...

oh, some different pumpkin bread recipe? i must have. please email. wait 'til you get back from the west coast though. you need to get yourself ready for that trip. will miss you on friday, but we've already made alternative plans to spend the morning at salvation army. it's senior day, you know? :)

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