Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ocean Pacific

Jayla, ready to board the plane

Hard at work building castles First view of the beach: breathtaking Helicopter yanking someone out of the water

Training exercise or real? Hard to tell, but the scene had the attention of the entire beach Sarah and her friend Jeff on his roof to watch the sunset

An amazing view, watching the sun fade away on the horizon
Jayla and Jeff's daughter ~ She was a sweet girl Quite a chef in the kitchen, our wonderful host slaving over a hot stove. Dinner is served, delicious For Bobby who likes Christopher Walken more than any other actorOne of my favorites, of course!
Small town girls in the big city Hey, there's Shrek!Woody and Buzz Darth Vader and a storm trooper probably discussing far far away galaxy business Leaving Hollywood and headed to Beverly Hills: Tiffany & CO Window shopping in Beverly Hills
Venice boardwalk: full of fun people and plenty to look at This must be legal? Broad daylight taggingWe also tried In and Out burgers, quite good, worth their reputation.
Drove through Bel Air to see all the rich and famous people's mansions. And I left my camera in the car on accident while we were on the popular Santa Monica Pier with the ferris wheel. Bummer.
Adoption record keeping: Our second dossier, acceptance paperwork, and photo albums for the kids went to Et on Friday Oct 16 the boy's birthday.

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