Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Observation

From my perspective. I know many people realized this long, long ago.

I went to southern California and watched and listened and looked around. It is an entirely different world from the midwest, Biblebelt heartland of America.

There is great need for the emerging church movement.

There are unreached people because they view the Christian church as stale, hypocritical, narrow minded, old fashioned, silly, judgemental and oppressive. Unfortunately, often with good reason.
Those same people may be hungry, yearning for truth and good works and love and peace that is shown with action, goodness, graciousness toward all. It is 2009.
Educated followers of Christ who are knowledgeable, authentic, real, imperfect, truthful, and willing to back up their words with their deeds are essential.

Not to convert or convince, not to point fingers or condemn, but to inspire and encourage.


Holly said...

having very close - far from Jesus - famliy members from Cali, I know what you probably saw and yes - there is GREAT NEED!

Carrie said...

Same here in Austin, which is strange since I always assumed TX was the bible belt, Austin must fall in one of the buckle holes! :) I have heard it is one of the top 10 unchurched cities in the nation, there is great work to be done in this city.

I hope you had a good time anyway!!

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