Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Friday, November 13, 2009

I Heart Ethiopia/ ET Love/ ET Bound/ ET Rocks/ET Blessings

I'm renaming the blog for now. It's a combination of all the hip Ethiopian blog titles, because yes, apparently this has turned into an 'adoption blog' since that's all I can seem to talk about these days.

What can I say? Ethiopia RULZZZZZZZ.

As with each portion of the adoption process, we are currently absorbed, immersed in a particular step. A decision must be made. One we inquired about as we learned more about our kids' history.
No one warned all of this would be so, extremely gut wrenching. It is. For me, it truly is. Here I am again, absolutely consumed with the aspect at hand now.

Our kids each have a living father, and siblings. (It's hard to say that. Makes me long to close my eyes and pretend I don't see it in black and white writing. Have I told you that already? Maybe I have. Before I realized the sticky, tricky, conflicting, stomach turning & churning emotions that would well up when I actually allow myself to dwell on that reality for a few consecutive moments.) Both families are from a very poor village in southern Ethiopia and relinquished their children after their mothers died because they were unable to provide adequate care. My fingers shake when I type that. I can't put words to the feelings.....

Shall we visit while we are there? Do we have a moral/ethical obligation to do so?
No matter what, we will keep in touch with the families, sending pictures and letters. There is no guarantee they will receive them.
We are counting the financial costs and physical/emotional risks and rewards of extending our trip to go to the children's birthplace. Unlike in Addis, malaria is common there and we can not treat the children 2-4 weeks prior with medication as is recommended.
There is a great deal more to consider as well. I couldn't possibly do the circumstance justice with a description here.

This is a terribly, terribly difficult choice to make and we feel a massive weight of responsibility on our shoulders to do what is most right in a situation that seems altogether wrong.


Courtney said...

praying for wisdom and clarity for you.

Katy said...

Oh, Tisha. This takes my breathe away. I know a solution will emerge, it's just not clear yet.

Katy said...

Can't Bethany just throw in the fathers and siblings for free? Stick 'em all on a plane; there's extra room in that playroom of yours!

Stephanie Headley said...

Oh, I love how you do everything so wholly with your heart! I can see how this would be gut wrenching, however....keep in mind, those parents that relinquished wanted those children to receive better care than they could give them! You are saving them from a less than great situation and you will be blessed, no matter what decision you make. I am not surprised to hear that you would keep in touch with their fathers, that is so like you! Praying for you as always, and for your current family and soon to be family members!

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