Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

$300 Challenge

I saw this on a blog of a mother of 10. She cut their grocery budget back for one month, all the way to $300 and blogged about their meals and food purchases throughout.
If this sounds boring to you, you may not want to tune in for the next 30 days ☺
I'm starting. Mid-month. Today to be exact. Dec 8 - Jan 8.
The woman who did this was successful, and her family was well fed. She saved several hundred dollars in a months time. It was during harvest for their sizable garden, so that helped. But, they have double the kids we do, so I'm figuring we can still do it when the ground is frozen and our garden is long gone.

And, no more purchases for me. Or big daddy. No matter how charitable, cute, or fun they may be. If you don't get a Christmas present from us, you'll know why ♥

We have the kid's (small) gifts taken care of, most of them bought last summer. Cereal : check.

We've got plane 4 tickets and 2 visas to purchase and we need to get serious about saving some cash again. It's hard to live extremely frugally (saving for adoption expenses) for extended periods of time and we have recently let up a little. Partly to live it up before we face the challenges that lie ahead after we bring the kids home. In a couple months, life will get full tilt with major transitions for all, so recreating some now, while we can still *relax* has seemed like a fine idea ☺ We haven't done very much, but it adds up quickly.

Okay, we went to Costco and spent $380 on Friday, Dec 4. We're starting well stocked. That should help.

Here goes.


Courtney said...

wow! are you going to track it for us here? i'm interested to see how you do it! and what you eat along the way...

Holly said...

yes, I'm watching too! I sooo want to cut back on our groceries!

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