Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Sunday, December 13, 2009

She thinks she can dance

So does she.
And this one too.
On the table no less! And they do too.
Movie intermission. I told them I would play whatever they wanted for 15 minutes. They chose to dress up and dance. What choice did I have? They made me do it. That husband of mine snapped the photo. It's ok.
These are my babies.
Who want to dance with me.
Only for a while.
Some day, it will become incredibly odd for me to wear a knight/cape/cowboy costume and boogie to Birdie Bye Bye. It just will.


Cassie said...

love this!
we love dance parties around here...they are our favorite. but i've never done it in a costume...

Lindy said...

You ROCK, Mama!! And the fact that you fit into your kids' dress up clothes is just sick and wrong. No jealousy here. Okay, just a little. Way to boogie. Way to snap pictures (good job, Bob!).

Alicia said...

Were the pictures taken with a NEW???? camera????

Stephanie Headley said...

Looks like quite the boogying family! WONDERFUL!! So glad Bob snatched the camera and caught the famous dance moves of Tisha! Good memories that are being made for the kiddos!

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