Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Sunday, December 13, 2009


bread - 2 loaves wheat
organic chicken broth - 1 box
sweetened cond milk - 2 cans
lasagna noodles - 1 pkg
raisin bran - 3 boxes
oats - 2 lbs
milk - 5 gallons
frozen broccoli - 20 oz
cream cheese - 4 bars
10 lb bag potatoes
bagels - 2 pkgs
celery - 1 bunch (what is celery called?)
bananas - 4.5 lbs
apples - 20 total
clementines - 3 lbs
unbleached white flour - 4 bags
wheat flour - 1 bag
ketchup - 1 bottle
sprinkles for cookies - 2 bottles
brown sugar - 1 bag
peanut butter - 2 sm jars

b: oatmeal, 1 large apple, cinnamon, agave nectar
l: bean and cheese burritos, salsa
sn: blueberry/citrus muffins made with frozen berries
s: big kids - awanas
little kids & dad - pasta with cheese
mom - 2 muffins
sn: animal crackers, peanuts, hot chocolate

Hello? Still there? Tired of food chat yet?
Only 3 more weeks ☺


Holly said...

I'm here...and intrigued...and what exactly are you going to have for dinner with that list???
or did you already have stuff at home to put with that!?

that's what I spend on a 'quick' trip!!!

I am GOING to be better at this.
and you are sooo inspiring me!

Tisha said...

No kidding! That's what I spend on a quick trip too. My trip yesterday was VERY slow. Adding every dollar in my mind. I was in the ZONE trying to stay under $75 ☺
Great question about dinner. Most of it this week is coming from food we already had on hand - the Costco trip before starting this, meat in the freezer, etc.
I will definitely have to focus more on dinner meals in my next shopping trips as I start to run low.

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