Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Sunday, January 03, 2010

One visa: Check

•Finally fundue'd last night and no one tossed their (melty-chocolate-covered) cookies overnight. Fantastico.

•Found the same camera for a few bucks less than we paid the first time to replace the squeaky clean, nonfunctional, even after trying the bag-o-rice trick one we have now. If the memory card still works, shazam! Baby girl's bday retained, mama happy, dad (the one who washed it) out of the dog house. Oh, I kid. He was taking initiative to do laundry for goodness sakes, washing MY coat, for ME while I was puking my guts out. What a guy. How was he supposed to know where I socked the camera away? Just remember, COMMUNICATION: IMPORTANT IN MARRIAGE.

• That little groc savings month saved a whopping $500! Guess what that will buy? One of the kid's visas! Howzabout that. And, we're all well fed, nourished and satisfied.

I know many people could not or would not want to go with as little meat as we do, or may think hummus should be reserved for cruel & unusual punishment for children, or they hate soup, or think a menu like ours is complete junk garbage awful, but it is certainly possible with some planning and time spent at home cooking to save mucho deniro on the grocery bill. No matter what your family likes to eat. If I can do it, anyone can as grocery shopping is a category where I consistenly spend ALOT. It is the ONLY kind of shopping I actually look forward to. Unless you count a trip to my beloved Goodwill, that is. ☺

I'm thankful for Mary at Owlhaven who did this giving me the idea.
Feeling resourceful and effective in serving my family is a wonderful, wonderful gift.
Saving money in the process: bonus.


Courtney said...

so glad the camera thing is getting figured out!

and thanks so much for sharing about your grocery savings...i so enjoyed following it!

and am SO glad you all are feeling better! :-)

Lindy said...

Kent's question: How much weight did you lose this month? :)

That would give me TWO reasons to try this! I will look over your menu's and pick your brain a little more extensively when we return and start saving our family some money.

Great job--I'm so proud of you! What a great feeling, I'm sure. I'm still giddy over our homemade laundry soap, and it's been four months. Imagine how good I would feel if I followed your lead in this one...

Way to be a good steward! Now, to incorporate injera into our diet...

Sandy said...

I'm just curious... the pictures of you with my MIL, were they on the washed camera? I'm thinking yes. That's too bad, as they were pretty good shots.

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