Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Friday, January 01, 2010


♦Oh so, so sick. A few of us got that way Wed night. Yesterday was full of moanin groanin sufferrrr-in. I thought that was supposed to happen after New Years Eve, not before.

My poor mom had the pleasure of dealing with it on the Children's end as she kept (ALL 5!) kids overnight Wed so big daddy and I could run around and shop like madmen, closing the stores down in hot pursuit of things we need and are trying to finish before our trip overseas. Topping the night off with an emptying of the contents of the stomach made for one romantic date, wouldn't you know. Achey, drained and weak, I went to bed at exactly 8:20 last night. Way to ring in the New Year in style. Go me!
Fondue fun will have to wait. We received swiss cheese for Christmas along with other dipping goodies! ☺

♦Had a fantastic time with the kids at the zoo before we took them to my mom's. It was cold, and the animals were active. SO enjoyed the youngens that day. It was bliss to be with our babies all bundled up, walking around on the beautiful mountain side in the CO sunshine.

♦(New) Camera got washed in my jacket pocket. Yay! Just love, love, love it when that kind of thing happens. Sweet dolly's 2nd birthday pics (with her amazing snowman cake, I can say I made an amazing cake because now you'll probably never see it) were on it. I truly hope it works after it dries out. No memories of my baby girl's birthday is just too sorrowful to bear.

♦ With the holidays and changes from our normal schedule, I got waaaaaay off track posting the menu. Which is fine, because I'm sure you don't care to hear about exactly what (hummus and fruit) we eat every day. HOWEVER, I have been diligent with the grocery bill. This weekend I will make my last trip to the store before Jan 8 which will mark one month. We have $79.46 left. I'm thinking we're going to make it - easy breezy! Wow. I would have NEVER thought we could do it as painlessly as we did. Shows me how much abundance and excess we have on a regular basis.

♦ Happy New Years! 2010 sounds so futuristic, doesn't it? I better go polish my spaceship now.

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HMK said...

Sorry about the sickness; we're getting over almost 4 weeks of the cold flu piggy-backed by regular cold viruses... so glad to be seeing the light! Hope you're all feeling good soon!

About the camera; try putting it in a bag of rice for 24 hours. This works for cell phones that go swimming, so why not cameras?

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