Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Some Things

My necklace made by her daughter and son, proceeds to go to Haiti earthquake relief.
Do you know Jennifer? She is very cool (and smart!).
She is kind of person I'd like to sit down with for a nice looooong chat and pick her brain about lots of interesting topics, while taking notes. Not to be left out, J wanted a necklace too.
Jayla is ALL ABOUT helping Haiti. Oh my. I ♥ that girl.
Not to be left out, O wanted in the picture too.
(I guess she's throwing in a shout out to water4christmas peeps posing with her bracelet like that.) Blankets, HANDmade, knitted by my dear friend and family member, Alicia for our Ethiopian sugar pie honey bunch chickadee bugaboos.
Alicia has been a huge blessing to me in many, many ways and now, to them too!
I'm taking these with us, if we ever get to go to Africa. New (old) bedspread from Goodwill. $12. It's luxurious and heavy, (which is important when you live in an igloo.)
Have you heard? Used is the new new! Do you suppose this is what she meant when she asked for a photo of these bags? I'm thinking the "headless woman" look is a nice touch☺
No, I'm not sending it. I'll have someone take another one sometime.

Perhaps after a shower when I've put a little blush on and maybe even combed my hair.

♦ Oh, by the way, after trillion is quadrillion. I learned that at school today.


Courtney said...

at least you still have your sense of humor :-)

and thanks for reminding me to take that picture with my bag!

EM said...

What comes after quadrillion? ;)

Tisha said...

Why, a gazillion of course!

Sandy said...

Steady-hands T! :)

jody said...

hey crazy lady...
i realize you do leave in a few days. I'm so excited for you! Praying.
And send a picture that includes your head! :-)

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