Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Friday, February 05, 2010


Yes, we are!
Kids are (still) sick.
Little 2 have terrible colds with ear infections.
Big 3 are in various stages of getting over colds.
Biggest, (adult sized) 2 are fighting, fighting, fighting it off with overdoses of a slew of vitamins, fizzy drinks, and homeopathic medicines, but are definitely under the weather.
These things take F O R E V E R to run their course.
Just when we had nothing else to do but sit around, sip hot tea, and recover.

Tomorrow, Jayla and Onyx's teams play each other in basketball ☺
Count down = 6 days to departure.
Things seem to be moving along well in Et.
Kids have (the cutest) passports with their new last names.
Medical tests are going (very!) well. TB tests = negative.
Packing and weighing suitcases will be this weekend. May the force be with us.
We really wanted to do something special and fun with the kids before we left, but with the health situation here we probably will have to change plans.
Being home watching mom and dad pack is special, right?


Courtney said...

thanks for letting us know you're alive! praying you all get WELL!!!

Geni said...

Hope you all get well VERY soon! Know that your whole family and your new kiddos are in our prayers. We truly hope you have safe and smooth travels and the kids transistion well. All my best!

chrisnoelle said...

i hate the sickies.

love u

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