Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I didn't mean never...

that I would not ever blog again. Sometimes I like to free myself from feelings of compulsion when I find them subtly, or blatantly creeping in. I need to. Slavery is not a good time. And, don't for one second try to tell me that our computers cannot enslave us! A useful tool and a wasteful, consuming distraction - all in the same alluring box. There is a time and place and a purpose they can serve, but too much is too much. When I ignore what is my priority to engage in what should be peripheral, too often, for too long and it becomes too absorbing, it's a prime opportunity to back off and refocus.

This is a challenge to our generation, right? To be a stay at home mom with access to all that is available online, utilizing it to our advantage, without letting it occupy the sacred spaces of time that should be spent with our little ones.

I never saw the back of my mom's head as she typed away at her desk, wishing she was reading me a book or playing a game with me, or letting me tell her a story, something critically important in my world. It just didn't happen. I don't want to not be listening, shooing them away so that I can chat with my friends online, when my treasures are waiting - open to talking to me, wanting my attention and input, hoping to see my face smile with wonder and delight at their presence - and miss my chance to really connect with them......I've only got one shot at this.


Beckysblog said...

Thank you for posting this. It has really challenged me.
And made me realize I needed the challenge.

Stephanie Headley said...

I agree with you! I have to do the same thing from time to time. Just leave the electronics's hard, but SO worth it! Of course, I am not a big television person, until my husband gets home! But, also about your mom...VERY active mom! I love, love, love her! So easy to see why she and my mom have been friends for so many years!

HollyMarie said...

You said it well, and this is something I have been thinking about too.

Tisha said...

Haha, funny Steph. Yes, my mom was active. And, she did not have a computer!! I remember how cool we were when we first got a microwave! Woohoo ((Fancy!))
When she was occupied for long periods of time, it was with a rotary phone, and your mom on the other end :)

EM said...

You're so great, and so right. Thanks for keeping the perspective straight. You're a big help to me.

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