Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's just so highly unlikely

I was talking to an old friend from high school recently who now lives in Arizona.

Him: Do you really believe that the Bible could possibly be literal? I mean, come on, creation in 6 days? The flood wiping out all the people on earth? That guy in the whale. Adam and Eve, a perfect garden, a's all so far fetched.

Me: Yeah, I see your point. It is pretty crazy. All life forms as we currently know them (including plants, trees, and grasses, food from the ground, plus all salt and fresh water life), the immense and massive variety of species and the symbiotic relationships essential for survival, erupting out of primordial soup, then evolving over billions of years while the earth precariously maintains its exact relationship to the sun, moon, and other planets in the solar system so that it is solely and uniquely able to sustain this many types of living organisms with human beings in all of our physical, mental, and emotional complexity eventually becoming the most "developed" is super highly statistically probable.

So much more believable. I could totally buy that. Hey, got any ocean front property for sale in your state?


EM said...

was that your actual reply, or did you think of it later and wish you had said it?
LOL I love your satire.

Tisha said...

Haha Erin,
This was a dramatization of actual dialogue meant to inspire the reader to ponder the probability of both creation and evolution. :) If the idea of creation by the God of the Bible is too far fetched, shall we readily believe the fairy tale of evolution by default?! And yes, we're still friends!

Jodie said...

rock on!

EM said...

My family and I have been reading and watching a bunch of creation science stuff by Ken Ham. My husband went to hear him speak and really enjoyed him. He was along the same lines as your post. I don't have his info to pass along to your right now, but you could probably google him, or maybe you have another source I'd love to hear about.

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