Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Thursday, May 06, 2010

There was a time

not long ago that this scene would have sent Meadow into an anxiety ridden, possessive tailspin. Dolly put Meadow's shoe on her foot. Today, Meadow is at ease, laughing out loud at Clover's silliness.

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There was also a time when I wondered, was this home, this family, with this many children the right place for this girl to get all that she needs to heal,
to grow, to gain confidence, security, assurance.
As the months progress we have seen enormous, gigantic change in Meadow.
She is filled with joy - consistently.
And emerging confidence.
She is able to relax.
Her days and weeks are episode free.
No more pouting, no more sulking, no more major, drawn out fits over the tiniest offenses.
She plays cooperatively and laughs and helps around the house.
She is not nervous and constantly drawing comparisons.
God is doing a work in her life.
Gently healing her tender, wounded heart.
I am so, so proud of her.
I sit in awe of His goodness and grace and mercy
and healing presence unfolding before my very eyes.
He loves that little girl.
He is meeting her needs, right where she is.
I've never witnessed anything quite like this before.
God is good to Meadow.
God is good to me.
Together, we rejoice and bask in His unfailing love toward his daughters.


Courtney said...

wow. that's so awesome to hear!

Holly said...

wow. wow. double wow.

HollyMarie said...

Absolutely wonderful... and it really hasn't even been all that long! :)

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