Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Yesterday: Costco

A lady RAMMED her cart into the open- topped - refrigerated - middle island thingy (you know, where they keep salsa and hummus and guac and fresh pasta and stuff like that?) because she was cranking her neck so hard to stare at us as we passed by. I turned around and saw it happen. There is limitless boldness on the part of some folks willing to unabashedly gawk and ask the most ridiculous questions or make weird remarks.

Last week at Hobby Lobby as we were shopping for craft supplies, an employee was gesturing with her hands and making strange faces and whispering to her co-worker as we walked down the aisle. My husband said to her, "are we bothering you?" She replied, "I'm just so shocked you're all OUT. " Oh! That's right. I forgot. Larger than averaged sized families should be relegated to house arrest! *&%$#@+!

I try to take it with a grain of salt, and respond graciously, with a smile or ignore them altogether. Still, I do get *slightly* tired of feeling like a total freak show. Seriously people, they are just kids. Hasn't anyone ever seen children in public before?!


Beckysblog said...

I hear you...Avery once asked me, "Why do people look at us like they dont like us?"

uh, seriously.

Renee Ostrom Hart said...

I presented at church on Sunday about Ethiopia and our experience and one lady refused to enter the church when she found out what the message was about. I had always been afraid she felt that way but never thought she would walk out. We prayed for people to open their eyes to the needs of others and what wonderful things can happen when you let God do the work.

Courtney said...

i don't know what else to say!

EM said...

Oh Tisha,
It was you I thought of when I was posting my Walk of Shame post. Not because there is any shame in having kids, but because that was the first time I had experienced a little tiny bit of what you have described many times. It doesn't make sense that people gawk, and comment, and whisper. Your family is so beautiful and such an inspiration to me. Why can't others see that? Where does all the animosity come from?

Alyssa said...

They should go suck a lollipop and mind their own business. You know what?? Hey! At least your kids aren't homeless or starving or neglected or unloved. Isn't that worth so much more???

Lisa Stucky said...

Oh girl, I feel your pain and I only have four homegrown babies! Some of my favorite comments are, "WOW - You must be BUSY!" "You sure do have your hands full." "Are they all yours?"

But ya gotta love the ones who can relate and let you know that they too once had 4 or 5 kids under 7 years old. We are not alone! And we are blessed!

Our pastor, a father to 5, says to those who gawk, "woe to you!" ;-)

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