Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thinking about what each one of my children need from me and what is essential to nurture their hearts and minds, individually, I've become convinced everyone's love language is quality time. Everyone's. Especially children's. There is simply no substitute for hours invested getting to know my child thoroughly, really listening to them, reading together, looking them in the eye when they speak, playing on the floor or in the grass, entering their world, instructing them, making them feel special and important and worthy - not because they are the center of the universe or should be catered to - rather so they are able to learn to serve capably, give generously, love immeasurably, grow exponentially, forgive easily - because they are His workmanship, in my hands to steward for a short while. No material possession present, hug, pat on the back, act of service, or word of encouragement will ever replace our most precious gift of time - the fleeting, elusive concept we seem to have trouble locking hold of. We are all thirsty for it, craving it, in need of it. Sheer time is required so that we may engage them without rushing, and be free to liberally, abundantly offer presents, big hugs, pats on the back, acts of service, and kind words of encouragement.

We all spend our valuable time in one way or another. The question is how well?
It's what I've been asking myself lately. My answer is often not what it should be. I squander and waste it easily, take it for granted, let it slip through my fingers then wonder where it went....

The reality is my tomorrows with them here, under my care, are limited. They will run out.

To be apt to teach, I must be present, putting in my time, or I will miss this one opportunity. And it won't come around again.

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