Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Model Patient

The man is doing very well. He's such a trooper. No whining, complaining, moaning, crying, groaning, or griping. What a tough guy. The nurse taking care of us on Friday was super interested in our story and really, really nice. The kind of person who says things like, "I always wished we would have had more kids.....if only....." She gave us hugs at the end and wished us well. It was very sweet. We could have been friends for sure if we met socially somewhere. I was thankful to not have one of those large brood haters telling me how irresponsible/ridiculous/insane we are. Those people are not my most favorite on earth.
Weather has been quite chilly and rainy over the weekend, so we were stuck inside much of the time...pulling our hair out. We're ALL bald now! ☺ A few of the kids are under the weather with bad colds and are quite cranky. They are more than making up for Bobby's lack of whining, complaining, moaning, crying, groaning and griping.
Jayla won't let me give her birthday present early. I've been trying to convince her all weekend it would be a good idea. (BD is in August. Turning 9. Halfway "there" Stink!) I'm way excited about the gift because I know she will be crazy happy and she is my right hand girl - always helping me out - so I am thankful for the chance to treat her to something she has been wanting. Darn kids. So mature and patient these days. If I can get her to break down and say yes, I will totally get her something else for her actual birthday. I ♥ that girl. Gosh, I just really love Jayla. It makes my heart hurt.


Anonymous said...

What d'ya get her? I am dying to know. Visit with Sarah was good... she asked about you and I filled her in. Although for the most part she follows your blog but hadn't checked in for a couple of weeks. Now in Indianapolis for a couple of days before finishing the trek. So far so smooth.


Alicia said...

My b-day is Aug can give me my present early, I've never been one to hold out!!

Courtney said...

can't wait to hear what you got her :-) and so glad hubby is well!

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