Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I did something weird.

Remember when I linked to that super interesting blog when I was talking about memorizing verses out of context a couple of weeks ago? Anyway, recently, he shared about a writing contest he was entering. The writing prompt was: The Secret. The entry had to be 100 words. Exactly.

I happened to be reading this particular blog post of his late one night when my people were already asleep and thought to myself, what the heck? I'll try that. So, heavily under the influence of Valerian root that I had taken 2 hours prior to help me get nice and drowsy, I pounded out The Secret on my keyboard and immediately sent it off right away knowing I wouldn't really have time (nor the quietness in my house!) to devote to deliberating over each precious word the way a 100 word essay truly deserves.
This was, of course, at the precise hour I should have been addressing Christmas cards.

Truthfully, it's actually not my secret. Which will be of great comfort to my husband. Because it comes across as quite possibly rather sordid...or at least really juicy. {I'll blame the valerian.}
Although we don't find out what exactly her secret is.....

Here is the link to the site if you're interested in having a look. Mine is the one called The Unseen. :)


Holly said...

I LOVED it and I love it even more that you did it.

and I love the title of this post ;-)

Mike and Sherri said...

Nice! I might want to try if I get a spare minute. I don't know that I could land so perfectly at 100. Good job and interesting. Makes me want to know how it was settled :-)

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