Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I suppose I discovered that I rather enjoy the challenge of writing exactly 100 delicious words to describe The Secret. The ideas would pop into my mind while I was running or scrubbing the floor or doing school with my kids. Each person is allowed 3 entries in this contest and if you care to read it, my third one is here.
It's a little bit tantalizing!

Yet, I have a feeling we can all relate to some extent....

There is usually something that irresistibly calls out to us.
Something to which we can hardly break free.
Something we do with full awareness that we shouldn't.
Something we succumb to again and again.

It's no secret, my something happens to be gummy bears. ☺


JamesBrett said...

gummy bears?! oh, tisha. those are basically healthy. we eat them as vegetables in my family.

Katy said...


Tisha said...

Well, gummy bears ARE really fruity....

Courtney said...

LOVED this! and i totally relate to your gummy bear addiction :-)

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