Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Just Because We Could

We did. Last night. On a spur of the moment decision. Because we are crazy like that.

Flint was an absolute riot! This must have been the happiest day of this boy's life. He was SO funny to watch and listen to as he opened his gifts.
Cocoa puffs for my cocoa puff.
One day about a month ago we walked into a craft store and Jayla pleaded for these knot a quilt kits, which made me all kinds o happy because I had already bought them for her thinking they would be right up her alley. Yes!
Unable to contain a secret his excitement, Stryder has been telling me (while literally jumping up and down) for over a week about these awesome sugar cookies he was going to give me for Christmas. He chose them with care at the awana gift store and could.not.wait. for me to open his present. I can't say I had exceptionally strong feelings about them before, but now I must admit, I ♥ sugar cookies.
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