Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


"It's alright Flint, I'm just taking a picture. You don't have to volunteer for anything."

After sampling some of it recently at a friend's house, I just knew.
No question.
There was no way I could continue to live like this anymore.
I HAD to have a Whirley Pop.

Do you own one?
If not, you should.
No, really.
You ought to run out right now and pick one up.
{It's under $25 and worth.every.penny.}
I'll wait right here....
Go on.

Got it?

Yes? You are one smart cookie.

Ok, now unwrap and rinse or wash it out {delicately}
as to carefully avoid any and all unintentional damage.
Dry it {gently} with a {soft} cloth.
(Whispering sweet nothings to your new baby W.P. as you polish it off,
preparing it for its exquisite mission is totally normal.)

Place it on the stove with 2 Tbs. oil and 1/2 cup popcorn over med heat.
Turn the crank - slow and steady - easy does it.

Wait for the delightful (pop   pop   pop) sound indicating magic is in the air.
Close your eyes and breathe in the the slice of heaven wafting out,
overwhelming your senses with pure goodness.
Swat away people coming up behind you, inquiring about the intoxicating aroma,
ruining your moment - this part is strictly between you and Whirley.
When the popping slows to one every few seconds, remove from heat.
 It's almost time.

Open the lid only when mentally and emotionally ready to fully savor.
This must not be rushed.

 Salt, butter, or sugar as you desire.
Place in your favorite bowl.
Sit down somewhere luxurious - no t.v. no internet, just you and the popped corn.

Eat while hot.

Now it's finally time to share with your loved ones....or not.

No need to thank me.
Trust me, it's my pleasure.

Ramona and Beezuz
Just saw it.
What a cute flick.
Have you seen it?
Guts! Guts! Guts!
We finished Isaiah 58 and are now working on memorizing Psalm 103.
I like the NKJ version best - Bless the Lord o my soul and all that is within me....
In going through (much of - leaving lots of parts out)
the Bible we read about Saul's conversion this morning.

Onto our 4th Little House book we are reading By the Shores of Silver Lake.
I know they are written for kids, but I get so much out of them.
I'm thinking some more 'What I learned on Little House' posts are in the near future.

There is no t.v. in our big bus of a van (which I love).
But, we do have a pretty hefty commute to and from town.
So, books on CD are our thing - the current pick is The Great Brain.
They are a fantastic way to engage the mind and make time fly while traveling.

J & O are both reading Boxcar Children books in their quiet time.

M & T are still working on beginning reader books, and are making great strides.

Flint and Stryder are writing the alphabet and sounding out 3 letter words.

In science after learning about cold and warm blooded animals -
those with and without vertebrae,
and how they are classified,
we have now moved onto finding out all about the human body.
Amazing, amazing stuff.
Every single part of the body is fascinating - even 3rd grade material.
They way your muscles connect to your bones and they way your skeletal
system protects your organs and the way a baby's bones fuse together and grow through the years
 and how involuntary muscles function beyond our ability to control them to keep us alive.
It is mind boggling.
Almost seems impossible, unreal.
Yet, true.
And some people say there is no God....
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JamesBrett said...

i'm a little confused about what the whirley pop actually does. is it just a pot that has some kind of agitator/stirrer to move the kernels and the oil around a little bit?

i'm not making fun (yet). just want to know whether or not i should...

JamesBrett said...

gotcha. but i won't make fun, tisha. i'll only politely ask whether turning that stirrer is a lot easier and less time-consuming than shaking the pot every 30 seconds or so?

Tisha said...

Something about that crank just makes it GOOD! I don't know what it is. It must be the majic of the whirley. ♥ It's still really light and fluffy. I like the texture a lot more than MY stovetop popcorn, which can sometimes be kind of heavy (we have to use a HUGE pot though for our family. It's hard to shake it thoroughly enough.) Maybe you have more skill than I do and have no need for the W.P. But, if you have the chance, you should give it a try. Just to be sure you are not missing something BIG! :)

Jamey... said...

I love you for even mentioning The Great Brain. I loved those stories in my youth! My oldest is 4 and we just started our first Little House book. :)

Cassie said...

whirley pop=most used kitchen appliance in our house.
at LEAST 4xweek.
LOVE it.

Anastasia said...

Sounds like a fun school day at your house...maybe we should do a co-op all by ourselves until next school year arrives...

Tisha said...

Jamey, I know! I loved The Great Brain during childhood too. It is SO fun to revisit again with my kids.
I'm seriously beginning to think I would read the Little House books even for myself if I were not reading them to my little people. They are that good. So much to learn.

Cassie, what!? You KNEW about the W.P. and never once mentioned it!?
I thought we were friends.....

Tisha said...

Anastasia, oh gosh, that's more than one day's worth! It's kind of a 'what we are doing in general at the present time' sort of update. We are not quite that productive. :)
I figure it will be nice to have and look back on later, so we can remember when....

Chris Noelle said...

wow Tisha, a little afternoon delight....thanks ;)

monica said...

Tisha you crack me up. I'm reading you blog and all of a sudden, even though I'm full, I begin craving popcorn. I have a great popcorn popper and because of your enthusiasm want to buy this WP. You need a job in advertising your great. Glad school is going good for you. I can see by the hand raising you run a tight ship :)
Love that kid!!!

Courtney said...

oh, yes! we had one for YEARS...used it SO much...until it BROKE! and we just haven't gotten another one. i have sweet memories of the last days of joshua's pregnancy...every night pat would make us a bowl of popcorn and we'd eat it waiting for me to go into labor :-) now we just pop it in a big least once a week.

and my kids think microwave popcorn is "special" because we never have it. ugh...they do NOT understand!

Tisha said...

Monica, Haha thanks. Maybe I will look into a career in advertising. ;-)

Courtney, you knew about the W.P. also!? Wow, I'm beginning to feel so left out....

Tisha said...

Chrissy, The Whirley is very sexy.

Stephanie Headley said...

We love our Whirley Pop! We use it at least 2 times a week, if not more! We usually do two batches, if not more! AND, we use the old fashioned sugar corn recipe. 1/4 cup oil, 1/2 cup popcorn, and 1/2 to 3/4 cup sugar...all in the popper. Turn until finished popping. Once in the serving dish, salt to taste! (kinda like kettle corn) It's super duper yummy!!! Oh, and if you shop at bed, bath and beyond, they're 19.99, then use your 20% off coupon that they give out...saving a whopping 4 bucks! 15.99, for your whirley pop plus tax!! Awesome!!

Geni said...

Born again popper, you sound like me when I first got mine. I am still in the honeymoon phase and it has almost been a year! Glad I could inspire you to find such joy in corn. (but you and I know it is not just about the corn. But so much more, aaahhhhh, reassurance there most certainly is a God!)

Tisha said...

Steph, Ooooh, that sounds good. I'm gonna try it.

Geni, I can't thank you enough for converting me. You should take your Whirley Pop everywhere you go, sharing it with the world. Everyone should experience the power of the Whirley.

Jodie said...

I tried a WP for the first time last week. We were at a get-together at a friend's house, and she needed to do something, so I volunteered to crank. Unfortunately, since we were making cinnamon-sugar, I burned the bottom of the pan (but I DID take it off the heat). I felt so bad :(

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