Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Goodbye Blindness

Hellooooooo Lasik!

Tomorrow morning, I will kiss my -7.{something} prescription goodbye and welcome restored vision. It's been 26 years. In fact, I used to have the heater kind of contact case that you plug into the outlet to clean. Does anyone even remember those? I'm so excited! (And obviously, so old!) Which may be why I am the tiniest bit sad to leave my glasses behind. What else could simultaneously 1) make me look smart and 2) hide my wrinkles? Nothing! I'm pretty sure, nothing else could master that tremendous feat.

Last night, in a sleep induced stupor, I jumped out of bed to shush comfort a crying child who seemed determined to wake up her blissfully slumbering siblings. I got to the girls' bedroom and decided the bellowing one may need some cough syrup. That's when I walked to the kitchen, ready to pull the medicine out of the cabinet, and quickly realized my ever-essential spectacles were sitting smugly on the nightstand, unaware I was awake and in need of their services to properly dole out medication. Kind of a pain. So, I may look dumb and wrinkly, but I will be able to see in the middle of the night and will therefore not risk overdosing my precious, noisy, wee ones. I'm calling that well worth it. ☺

Meadow's birthday is next week.
To get some perspective, Jayla is 9, Onyx is nearly 8, and Tyden was 6 in September.
According to her records she is supposed to be turning 6.
Now, that's funny.
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Katy said...

That is crazy about Meadow's age. Do you think she's turning 8?? I think she looks a lot closer to Onyx's age than to Tyden's age. What birthday do you tell her you're celebrating? Or do you just gloss over it with lots of cake and "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!s"

Well, if she has menarche at age 9, you'll know there was a mix up somewhere.

Holly said...

records shmeckords.

Sandy said...

Ooooh, I can't wait for the follow up post to this. Let us know...

Tisha said...

Katy, I do think she is really about 8. She seems so in every way, except academically, of course. Her head is bent forward a little bit in the picture, but she's only a couple inches shy of Jayla's height. She is definitely a kindergartner as far as her education is concerned. So, we're meeting somewhere in the middle and telling her she's turning 7. I had to look up "menarche!" Haha! You are so smart Mrs. Dr. Ong!! ;-)

Holly, Yes! That's what I say too!

Sandy, eeek! I will. I'm getting a little bit ((nervous)) this morning. Almost time to leave....

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