Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Friday, February 11, 2011

You're gonna want to know about this....

Seriously. I had NO idea it was even an issue! Not until recently anyway. What's great is, we can do something about it. Because, wow, we really should. It's pretty heartbreaking.
Personally, I think if people were only aware, they would jump on board to help.

My dear friend Chrissy, one of my very favorite people on this planet for reasons too numerous to count, (no joke! I couldn't even begin to count them all. I'd be l.o.s.t. without her friendship!) has written a little something about it here. Have a peek, it won't take long. You'll be glad you did.

(((Happy Friday!)))

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Chris Noelle said...

look at you....too busy getting Lasik to do your own post on our next Adventure! tsk tsk ! :)
love you! Hope all went well today.

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