Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Family Excursion: Part 1

I don't think I'm even going to refer to the trip as a "vacation." Because, who are we kidding? With this ↓↓ brood ↓↓ and not a single one of Brad and Angelina's staff on hand, there wasn't a whole big bunch of relaxation to be had.

First, we drove just over 7 hours to Valentine Nebraska
(a.k.a what I affectionately call the city of lovers where every day is Valentines!)
Have you ever been there? No?
You're only missing about 1,800 people.
To anyone who says the earth is overpopulated, I say this:
Drive through Nebraska.
Then, drive through South Dakota.
You will ever-so-rapidly change your mind.
We looked up the population of both states,
because as we passed mile after mile after mile after mile after mile (...)
of pure nothing with not a single person in sight,
I had to ask myself,
Do actual people actually live in the actual state of Nebraska?
Why yes, yes they do.
Just a few though.
Approximately 1,796,619 in the whole vast 77,358 square miles of the 16th largest state.
Which is a great big leap ahead of South Dakota where roughly 814,180
friendly folks reside on 75,884 square miles.
While humans are few and far between, I'll tell you what is not:
There are lots and lots (...) of ears of corn thriving and populating field after field.
Corn as far as the eye can see.
And the farmers to grow it.
That's who lives in Nebraska and South Dakota. ☺
A stop at Pizza Hut with a rare treat, orange soda and personal pan pizzas.

Lovebirds "excursioning" in Valentine with a crew of smallish escorts.


Holly said...

my computer maybe but the pictures aren't loading!

and yes, Nebraska is freaky like that.
drove through it many times from the east end to cell phone reception and no people.
that's just freaky.

Tisha said...

shoot! They are coming through on mine, but now that you mention it, I checked on the kids computer and they are not working there. What the??? Thank you for letting me know!!

Lindy said...

I've been wondering!! So glad you like corn. :) Cute pictures. You can rescind your "your such a thoughtful friend" comment, as I realized on Tuesday (when you had been gone for a few days already) that I didn't even offer to come and water your garden!! I'm SO sorry! Hope everything was still alive (especially the corn!). Now you know my true nature.

Lindy said...

excuse my grammatically incorrect "your" in my previous post. I didn't proof read, and I'm beat! Please don't thanking heaven that I'm no longer home schooling. :) Please do feel free to call me ignorant. Just once, though.

Miss you!!

Lindy said...

OH MY WORD!! Now I completely left out a word!! Start. Please don't START thanking...

Going to bed. Please ignore all future posts from me!

Proofreading now.....and pushing "publish."

Courtney said...

yay! the pictures are there now!

LOVED these posts about your trip! and love that your kids behaved so beautifully!

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