Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

LIW Historical Tour (Family Excursion: Part 2)

We traveled from Valentine NE to De Smet North Dakota, the site of 5 of Laura Ingalls Wilder's books.
This is the Bed and Breakfast where we stayed:
It's called The Prairie House Manor Bed & Breakfast.
It happens to be the banker's house mentioned in The Long Winter.
Do you remember the banker?
Neither did I.
He's the guy that bought up all the housing supplies in town leaving not a shingle.
By the size of his estate, it's easy to see why.
It is a beautiful historic home.
The family that own it were kind enough to allow us to stay,
(and exceed the capacity of their biggest 3)
with our flock of children.
They are lovely, lovely people.
We assured them over the phone prior to our visit that the
Deutschlets would be well behaved and quiet.
And they were!
At the end of our stay the owners crowned us
"family of the summer." ☺
They were shocked at how well the kids behaved
so they were full of kind words for our crew.
We politely thanked them, *conveniently* 
omitting the part about all the
threatening, bribing, cajoling instructing we did in advance,
and throughout the trip to ensure
the best, most respectful behavior from the bunch.
I must say, the Deutsch kids delivered.
I don't think there was a single place we went that someone did
not remark about what a great group of youngens we have.
Didn't I tell you those were some friendly folks in South Dakota?
We were quite proud of our wee ones, going around
giving larger-than-average-size families a good name.
Way to go JOTSCMF! Holla!

As soon as we drove in,
I knew instantly De Smet was the town for me.
It took no more than laying eyes upon the street signs.

Priaire Lane
Wilder Blvd
Ingalls Ave
Boast Ave
Charles Ave
Loftus Ave

Even better than the street names,
the only elementary school in town is called...
are you ready? 

Laura Ingalls Wilder Elementary!

Be still my heart.

I finally found my people, the place where I belong.
Where being a LHOTP groupie is completely normal, encouraged.
Here, I was clearly not alone in my fanaticism passion.
This must be Home. ☺

The actual surveyor's house from By the Shores of Silver Lake.
Laura called it a "two story mansion."
I was shocked at how tiny it was.
No interior photos were allowed.

The first school in De Smet.
Laura and Carrie attended for a couple of years.

A replica of The Brewster School where Laura taught when she was 15.

There were LIW quotes every.where. ♥

Mary, Laura, and Carrie ☺

Inside of the Brewster's school.

This is THE ACTUAL last home that Charles Ingalls built that he,
Caroline, Mary and Grace lived in.
It still stands in its original site.

Again, no interior pictures allowed.
After he died at the age of 66,
Caroline rented out some of the rooms to provide for herself and Mary.

Next, the Homestead.
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Jodie said...

The girls and I finished The Long Winter the other day. I don't remember the banker either.

I AM SO JEALOUS!!! I have ordered my South Dakota tourist guide.

Lisa Stucky said...

Oh, we just started LHOP season 5. We are reading "On the Banks of Plum Creek" now. I'm jealous ... we might just have to make the trek next summer ourselves! =) Love it, my groupie friend.

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