Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


1. There is nothing like a broken washing machine to jolt me into the reality that no matter how much I love Little House on the Prairie (and I DO! I really, really LOVE Little House on the Prairie!) I had too many kids to handwash clothes am too much of a wimp to handwash clothes may not enjoy the Pioneer Motherhood Lifestyle as much as I like to pretend I would.

2. There is nothing like 50 lbs of oats in my pantry and 40 lbs of apples coming on Saturday to cause visions of apple crisp to float through my head. Buying in ((((mega)))) bulk is my latest attempt at properly feeding the 7 ravenous children who live here and convincingly act as though they have never seen a meal in their lives, approximately every 2 hours. Apple crisp for breakfast, apple crisp for lunch.....
Dessert anyone?

3. There is nothing like a broken van to jolt me into the reality that perhaps we would all be well served to go back to the days of horses and buggies. Think green! Goodbye global warming! {It is at this very minute that I, once again, begin to delusionally fool myself think that the Pioneer Motherhood Lifestyle is for me.}

4. There is nothing like a simultaneous breaking of the washing machine and the van to cause me to consider my career options. $$ School bus driver? $$  {This is where I abandon the horse and buggy notion.}

5. There is nothing like the looming Halloween Holiday in a house full of children to challenge my Candy Reduction (because I can not entirely do with out! What? Are you crazy?) Plan.

6. There is nothing like old age to assist the Candy Reduction  (because I can not entirely do with out! What? Are you crazy?) Plan. My favorite gummy fruity chewy goodies have started to hurt my teeth. {Insert exact moment where I begin feeling like my grandpa who long ago gave up crunchy carrots years ago because they were hard to chew.}

7. There is nothing like a vaccination discussion among (earthy, all natural, well educated) Colorado moms to rev up an otherwise calm, civil conversation. If we are in person friends, you know - I do love myself some hot topics!

The brood eating snacks at the oldest grocery store/deli in Colorado Springs.
They each brought $3 of their allowance to splurge on whatever they wanted.
Soda. They all chose soda.
Have I taught them nothing at all?

Licorice sticks taller than them were also a big hit.

Waiting at the parts store where broken van parts were being purchased,
deep in $$bus driving$$/horse and buggy contemplations - thus, the scowl.
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Erin said...

thanks to you we visited Miller Farm and have been reading Little House on the Prairie books. not sure I want to venture into hand washing my kids' clothes though...praying your furnace makes it thru the storm that's on it's way to the Springs!

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