Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Eve

Church at home (The worship team :-) )

Lesson from Psalms

Their favorite part of church - praising God with a dance.
Pumpkin carving before bed - this is the first time we've whipped out the knives. Usually we paint the pumpkins. (Shockingly enough!) not a single injury was sustained!

Little did I know that (after all sharp objects were once again safely stowed away and my heart rate could return to normal once the fear of sliced off digits that must be put on ice and taken to the ER to be sown back on smal hands was put to rest) we would soon discover the joy of carving rather than painting when an exciting, new game was born. We (oh so cleverly) titled it: Light-the-jack o lanterns-one-by-one-and-turn-off-the-lights-then-make-scary-Halloweenish-noises-to spook-the-poor-kids-then-have-the-little-screechers-guess-whose-pumpkin-is-whose. {Such fun!}
This one was dad's. I think he loves touch downs. ;-)

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