Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Friday, January 13, 2012

Thank you girl.

How many nights have I lie in bed before falling asleep, feeling the warm tears trickle down my face, hearing them hit the pillow as I remember the moments throughout the day that I didn't serve you well? When my words were too harsh, my actions too abrupt, my tone too critical, when I communicated annoyance rather than assistance, when my primary aim was a quick resolution rather than tending to your heart, when I was too busy, too distracted, too self absorbed to really listen to your words, look into your face, make you feel heard, important, treasured, understood.

The times I feel that I have failed you in some way are about as abundant as the days I have spent mothering. I just love you so much. You are so very precious. I never want to hinder you, hurt you, devalue you, or crush your spirit in any way.

Thank you for your kind words and for your continued generosity toward me. You, my sweet girl are deeply refreshing to my soul.
You inspire and encourage me and teach and admonish me with your pure heart and your love and goodness and grace.

God was good to me. He gave me you.

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Sandy said...

That is so sweet. What a precious memory to hold on to... I just love that letter. What prompted her?

Courtney said...

oh my word, tisha. how SWEET is that?? i hope that came on one of those days when you REALLY needed it! you ARE an amazing mom, indeed!

Alyssa said...

This doesn't have anything to do with your sweet post but...I saw this post and thought of you. :)

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