Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Favorite Discovery

Although they've been there forever (used nearly exclusively by fringe hippie tree hugging type people who fill the aisles with the scent of their essential oils as they bag their goods) I never used them. Not once. Until I became increasingly, painfully aware of the reality that all that highly nutritious, pesticide and fertilizer free, whole grain, organic food I was buying came in absurd amounts of packaging. Mostly plastic. {Lots and lots of plastic that would stay on the earth for 300 years, long after my children's bunny grahams (not to mention my children themselves) are gone.} Then, paperboard is thrown in over the plastic, for good (advertising, which hugely increases the cost) measure. Can you say e to the x to the cessive? Oh, the waste. Now, I use them for all kinds of things - rice, popcorn, quinoa, couscous, chocolate chips, trail mix, almonds, peanuts, cashews, dark chocolate covered almond clusters, grits, flour, powdered milk, spices, oats, dried fruit, etc. I just load my stash in these fantastic little bags and these and I go to town filling them up with every manner of necessity and goody required for a well stocked pantry, then store them in handy glass jars, leaving little to no waste in my wake. It was love at first scoop.

They are The Bulk Bins. And I am their (fringe, hippie, tree hugging, lavender scented) groupie.
It was meant to be. ♥
The biggest jar holds the chocolate.
It's all about priorities.... 

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