Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Exactly one week to the day after we began our buy-nothing-new-for-a-year-challenge, our daughter broke our (year and a half old) camera. ((Noooooo!!)) Yes. In one quick (highly unfortunate) maneuver, she dove under the desk, where the camera was attached to the computer by the USB cord, snapping it to the ground. (Crash!) (Crack!) (Break!) *Mom's Tears* Ok, not real tears. But let it be known, I was definitely crying on the inside. Collecting memories is one of my primary purposes in this life (due to the sad fact that my brain is so full of clutter ridiculously forgetful that if I don't record events it is as if they never existed!) The man of the house and I don't own phones with cameras. Our iTouches don't have cameras. We were virtually, hopelessly cameraless. (The horror!) It was a whole lot like being naked in public. Pathetic. My baby boy lost his first tooth and I couldn't take a picture to commemorate the (exciting!) (once in a lifetime!) occasion. *Mom's Tears*

We had every intention of buying a used replacement camera. There are lots of them online. First though, in an effort to take our year long goal of reducing our impact very seriously Bobby checked out several pawn shops, looking for a local, used camera. (No transport, no packaging, supporting local businesses.) The trend there seemed to be either a) super-expensive-way-out-of-our-price-range cameras or b) beat up pieces of junk cameras. Strike. *Mom's Tears*

We took a look at Amazon (where we have cancelled all of our subscribe and save deliveries, more on that later) and found a nice, inexpensive replacement that would meet our needs perfectly. They had some that were used! The used ones cost $20 less than the new! $20 is not very much money when you're talking about a camera! It didn't seem like enough of a savings to be worth it! We bought a new camera! Not yet 2 weeks into the venture we fell off the wagon! *Mom's Tears*

The only consolation to be found is that I've always maintained the opinion that most rules are begging made to be ignored broken.

Brushing off our post-consumer-roll-in-the-hay dust, we climbed back into the saddle to continue on....snapping photos along the way....☺
The little black purchase of shame


Lindy said...

Good for you!! This was a necessity. Absolutely. Way to think it through and make a decision based on need and memories instead of following rules. Can't wait to see pictures! :) Especially of a certain toothless someone!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome. I think you did the right thing. :)


Courtney said...

you were very wise through the whole process!

Holly said...

spirit of the law sister...spirit of the law ;-)

Anonymous said...

The camera takes nice pictures. OR, is it the subject of the picture that makes it so beautiful?

I know the answer!!!


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