Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Monday, June 18, 2012

Something I never thought I would do.

Or at least never cop to doing it. It was fine for other (European) people, but Not For Me, thankyouverymuch. In my younger years, I used to go in for one not once but twice/day. 2 times! Each and every day! I mean, everyone is aware that I have well known, duly documented urge-to-scrub issues held at bay only by the dirt relishing, rubbish scattering gaggle of small human beings with whom I share a humble abode. {Thank you babies. For forcing Mommy's neurotic tendencies to take the back seat. I am forever grateful. ♥} But I have to admit, I absolutely love it. My high altitude, arid climate, Colorado dwelling skin loves it. My hair. It loves it too. I started in January. I should have been doing it years ago. It began after reading this NY Times article, followed up by Dr. Oz's comments on the same subject as seen on Rachel Ray. I was {blisfully} convinced.

We wash our skin and hair too much.

Hi, my name is Tisha Deutsch. I only shower every other day.

Ah. {deep, cleansing, because that's all that's getting clean today breath} It's good to exit the closet. ☺

Speaking of washing up, don't forget to toss your reusable grocery bags in the laundry every so often to keep the food that hits your plate free from unwelcome bacterial guests!


Alyssa said...

I only shower every other day too! It's totally not necessary to shower/bathe every day...1) it takes too much time 2) it wastes water and soap. Okay, maybe "waste" isn't the totally right word, but I use HALF as much shampoo/conditioner and body wash not showering every day! It's marvelous! :)

Tisha said...

I think we are sisters Alyssa! Separated at birth. Or I am your real mother. One of the two...;-)

Brianna Heldt said...

Yes! Love it.

I generally shower each day, but only wash my hair twice a week or so. SUCH a time-saver, because I have to straighten after I wash it. And there is just no reason to wash it much more than that!

Unknown said...

I'm with ya! Every other day here, too. My skin and hair would be unmanageably dry if I washed it every day. :)

Barry said...

Hey, Tish, I left an answer to your "How I Started Reading the Bible and Stopped Going to Church" blog. Curious to see what you think :) Oh, and girls are gross.

Holly said...

I do shower every day, but it's only 'cause of Hot Yoga.
You do yoga in a hot room for 90 min's four times a week and you'd shower too ;-)

(confession...I ONLY use soap 2-3 times a week....shampoo - same thing - does that count as 'not showering?)

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