Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Love. People. Period.

One of my closest friend's dad is very, very ill. He has a brain tumor. A hospice nurse has come to her parent's home to help care for him. Although I haven't seen her in person in nearly a decade, this friend is the nearest thing I have to a sister. Our friendship is easy, completely candid, unshakable. Real. Our lives are different in many ways, as are our perspectives. Yet, she accepts me as I am, (which is a lot to ask!) And I try to do the same for her. Free of judgement, free of competition, we are on each other's side. If some exciting thing happens - good or bad - she is who I call first. She is so very dear to me.

A true family man, her father is really close to her. While he may not be the most touchy feely guy around, she has always, always known she is deeply loved by him. Just like her mother, her brother, and sisters. Not long ago he was a vibrant, vital, gregarious, lively man ready to face the joys of retirement with his beloved bride. Now, in a sudden, tragic turn of events, it looks as if he won't get that chance. My heart is so heavy for her and for the rest of her family. His loved ones are at his side.

Just like that, on the turn of a dime, life as we know it can cease to exist. Best laid plans collapse. Hopes and dreams for the future shatter. In an instant, now can become the only one thing that matters.

It has me thinking about my life. The priorities I keep. How much of it will have been futile? What will I be glad I spent my time, effort, energy doing? What will I regret? At the end of my days, what decisions can I make now that will allow me to go in peace, knowing I have lived well. Somehow, I can't imagine the tidiness of my home, or the weight on my scale, or the clothes in my closet, or my political stance, or how my house was decorated, or the price of gas at the pump, being all that important as I leave this earth.

I have a feeling that all that will matter to me then - the only thing that will bring any measure of satisfaction in the midst of the inevitable grief that saying goodbye will summon - is knowing I have loved, and that I have been loved. That is all.

May my life reflect my priority.

Much love to you, Chrissy.

My little man on his very first day of school, ever. My heart! 
He is a kissy, cuddly momma's boy through and through.
One of his favorite sayings is,
"I love you more than dad does."
Oh my goodness.
I'm holding onto that as long as I can.
One last hoorah with summertime weather? 
Last Sunday was a glorious day!

The people who WERE going to sleep on the trampoline. 
Tyden knew from the get-go he wouldn't like it, so he opted to stay indoors...
in my room...
Dolly girl backed out too, leaving 2 to sleep with me.
I can't say I minded.
Our 2010 blog book, finally published.
I went round and round, back and forth.
2010 was the year we brought our Ethiopian young ones home.
I wrote honestly about the challenges we faced.
Should I print it 'as is' or should I omit the adoption posts?
That was the question that kept me from printing it for so long.

All I can say is I wrote this as the dedication,
For my babies,
This was not the easiest year...
I did the best I could.
Love always, all of you,

Reading back through it has reminded me of how far we've come.
It makes me tearful - happy and sad and relieved and accomplished.
Such a life we're living.
Blog books are priceless.
Typing this on my new (used) quite old actually, first ever laptop. 
Snazzy, eh?
Feeling all sorts of fancy. ;-)

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