Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Generational Changes - Parenthood

I read a brief quote the other day about the way parenthood has changed over the years. Loosely paraphrasing, it said that not all that many generations ago, it was something people just did. They muddled through it. Put food on the table, shoes on the feet, clothes on the backs, education in the minds. That was that. The quote stated that now days, as our culture has evolved into one that is largely child-centered, the practice of parenting has become more of an art. I think this is true! The basic essentials may not even hit our radar screens - they are a given. We concern ourselves far more with what lies beyond the realm of necessity. Those things which we believe will help them developmentally thrive, compete, achieve. We schedule and occupy the hours of their day with activity in an effort to propel them ahead toward a world where like them, their peers have also been primed to succeed.

As a woman who has opted to devote my entire being - everything I have to offer this world at this time - to the nurture, education, and raising of children, I sometimes wonder if there is a cost for what our society has chosen as its new model of ideals. If a price is paid for the frenzied pace our lives have taken on in the name of advancement. I really don't know. Having a family that is larger than average and living far from town, I am continually aware of the reality that we can not keep up with what has become the standard. We do what we can to allow them involvement in organized activity where logistically, physically, and financially possible and profitable, but it is certainly less than the norm for most kids. I think about this a lot as I aim to strike a balance between what is both workable and beneficial for each of us individually, as a collective group, and for Bobby and I as a couple.

Like every mother, my heart positively yearns for my kids to be healthy, happy, well adjusted.

But ultimately, our lives are far simpler than most.

My truest hope is that my children will feel in the depth of their souls that no good thing is lacking from their lives. That as they mature into adulthood, they may be able to succeed in today's world right along with their peers. That their free time, leisure, days without getting in a car, time spent at home, calendars familiar with blank slots, and play with their siblings will be a source of great blessing, a foundation that was duly adequate to equip them for an existence where contentment reigns, whatever they choose to become.

That they may grow up to know the art of living.

We are up to a dozen eggs a day!
Good chicks!

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Brianna @ Just Showing Up said...


So, so true. All of it. I live in the city, and we certainly aren't keeping up either. Our only activities right now are church things and then once/week Options--and we are PLENTY busy.

And, child-centric indeed. Ironically I think that what many people think is best for kids is often counterproductive.

Anyway, you are so wise, and I love reading your thoughts! Loved this post!

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