Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Thursday, August 02, 2012

To be happy with simple pleasures.

It is always best to be honest and truthful;
to make the most of what we have;
to be happy with simple pleasures;
to be cheerful in adversity;
and have courage in danger.
Things of real value do not change
with the passing of years.

-- Laura Ingalls Wilder

I saw this quote mentioned the other day and was reminded how much I like it, and how true it rings.

If I were to list my primary objectives as I spend my days walking on this earth in the role I've been graciously granted of wife and mother, I would have to say that endeavoring to lead by example in the act of being happy with simple pleasures would be near the top. I certainly fall short! I rush, I pass by, I neglect, I forget, I am remiss. I believe it's an attitude, an art, a mindset, an act of intention, a way of being in the world that I fear is easily lost in the busy, busy, hectic lives we lead. Still, this happiness easy to obtain. It is  worthy of seeking - simple pleasures surround all of us - waiting to be claimed as our own.

I pray that my children would lift their eyes to notice the sunlight streaming through the clouds like long ribbons, reaching down to rest on the horizon. That they would step outside and breathe in deeply, closing their eyes to smell the rain as it washes the earth. That they would open their hearts to experience the unparalleled joy of giving and receiving love, without reserve, without regard to risk.

I hope that they will come to understand what contentment is when they truly realize the meaning of enough. That they will get lost in books they can't put down. Be a friend to a friend, especially one in need. Lend a helping hand, expecting nothing in return. Grow flowers. Know when to stand up, and when to sit down. Lose track of time during riveting conversation. Simultaneously cleave to their convictions, and be willing to adapt them. Gaze into the night sky, counting stars. Show respect for all living things. Maintain friendships for seasons, spells, decades, lifetimes. Forget to look at their watch as they eat dinner with friends, spend time with their loved ones, play with their children. Ask questions. Seek answers. Smell good food. Eat just until they are filled, and no more. Savor provision.

I pray that they will laugh out loud, nearly every single day. That they allow themselves to mourn, and to be comforted. Stand in awe at the beauty of creation. Give thanks for a new morning. Listen to songs that will lift their spirits, and ones that will soothe their aching souls. May they spend themselves fully to grasp the inherent satisfaction that only a job well done can provide. Find peace in solitude. Enjoy their own company. Value the opinions of others as much as their own. Speak kindly whenever possible. Find humor in the everyday. Know the freedom of days without an agenda. Allow children to be their teachers. Speak words of encouragement whenever they cross their minds.

Let them become generous in forgiveness, open handed with material possessions, accepting of themselves, accepting of others, merciful and gracious, confident in who they are, humble enough to overlook faults.

My desire for Jayla, Onyx, Tyden, Stryder, Clover, Meadow and Flint, is that they would  hold on tightly to the moments when they see God, clear as day. When they can taste His goodness on their lips, behold His grace with their eyes, feel His presence in their bones. When they know for sure, without a doubt, He is near to them.

That they would be happy with simple pleasures.

Our hens laid their first egg!

My new baby, Echo. ♥ 


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