Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Subject to Change

At their school-for-homeschoolers (ironic, yes?) this week, our kids were given the opportunity to vote for which candidate they thought would make the best President. As they climbed into our giant mega-van (which enables me to delve into character as I get to live out my dream of being a bus driver of my life. Just HOW lucky am I?) at the end of the day, they shared with me that their classes were abuzz with the news of who each student was voting for. Their teacher even shared her own political slant.

They were the only students in their class who voted for one particular candidate.

My heart. It swelled with pride.

Not because they voted the way I would. I truly, honestly hope that they would feel completely, utterly, unequivocally free to make their own decision. The ((last)) thing I aim to be as a mother is a mind controlling brain washer! Good grief, I wash enough already. I'm fairly confident there must be a reason God gave them each their very own mass of grey matter atop their very own necks. I'm proud because they were brave enough to go against the grain of what everyone else was doing and stand for what they felt was right. When you are a young person in an environment filled with peers, that takes extraordinary courage.

During the elections 4 years ago, I felt so much more personally convicted than I do this time around.

Watching the debate last night, I kept thinking, "Wow, I can really see why President Obama would see things the way he does."

And the same with Mitt Romney.

The way I look at it, each side holds a distinct set of beliefs based on certain ideals according to what they prioritize. Neither right, nor wrong. Both enduring benefits and consequences. Both worthy of a level of respect. There is a flip side to every angle. A back to every front. A down to every up.

Of course, like anyone else, I do have leanings. Mine happen to be anything but rigid. They have evolved over time as I've taken in new information and begun to see the world differently than I used to. (If you must know, I used to be a fan of red elephants. More recently, I've come to the conclusion I'm sort of keen on blue donkeys. Speaking of being outnumbered amongst my peers...) I imagine my views will continue to change as I am one of those people who sees such a very limited number of matters as black and white and most everything somewhere in between. And, like most people, I wouldn't dare buy hook, line, and sinker everything either party stood for.

As proud as I am of my kids, I would be equally as glad if they changed their minds, even if it means they hold opinions that are in opposition to my own. Thinking for themselves and being willing to adapt as they see fit are qualities I super highly esteem.

To me, there are few absolutes. God is God. Babies are vulnerable and exceedingly precious. Including ones awaiting their own births. We have a responsibility to help one another. Every child deserves a quality education. Healthcare is essential in our current society. Wealthy folks have more to give without hindering their way of life and undoubtedly work no harder than the custodian at my kids' school-for-homeschoolers or their Republican teacher or the bus driver I fantasize about becoming.
God bless not only America, but the world.
All the elephants and donkeys alike....
And every animal in between.

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