Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Friday, February 08, 2013

Standard Poodle: Free to a Good Home

I have a poodle to give away.

It may or may not have something to do with the fact that while I was helping my daughter with a paper jam in the copier, he helped himself to the eggplant Parmesan I was prepping for supper.

He may or many not have jumped up, front paws on the counter top, face leaning forward, tongue reaching out, and eaten it right out of the pan.

A habit of pulling this type of shenanigan whenever possible may or may not be a regular occurrence.

Pirating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches off children's plates may or may not be a favorite pastime of his.

Chasing and terrorizing running little whippersnappers as they are outside playing may or may not be where his passion lies.

The brand new carpet may or may not have a hole where he chewed straight through.

Chickens may or may not feel completely safe in his company.

Separation anxiety may or may not cause him to howl and moan with sorrow when he is left.

Dribbles of yellow excitement may or may not leak from his little boy parts when he becomes overjoyed.

If he is distracted, coming when he is called may or may not be his strength.

He may or may not have the softest, curly blonde hair you ever did see.

He may or may not live for cuddling and mistakenly believe he is a teeny tiny lap dog.

He may or may not pounce and frolic and leap and jump and bound with energy, inciting happiness.

He may or may not be so thrilled to see me when I come home that his voice whimpers the sounds of happy.

He may or may not greet each new day, whether it be a Monday or a Saturday with inordinate enthusiasm.

He may or may not sleep on his back from time to time, legs sprawled everywhere.

He may or may not be the most handsome dog I've ever laid eyes on.

He may or may not greet each of the children as they wake up and start padding down the hallway, sleepy eyed and messy haired.

He may or may not make us all laugh when he tries to squeeze his big long legs into the little dog's bed.

He may or may not be the best, most eager walking partner I've ever had.

He may or may not follow me everywhere I go.

He may or may not be one of the most lovable creatures to grace the planet earth.

He may or may not curl up with me when I nap, nuzzle my face when I am sad, offer me unmerited affection of which I am not worthy, any time of day or night, accept me exactly as I am - for better or for worse - a bit older, a lot poorer, and slightly heavier than I sometimes wish I were.


I may just keep my poodle.

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Anonymous said...

Loved reading bed..with two poodles snoring beside me

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