Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Sunday, September 22, 2013


We almost lost heart, people.

We nearly gave in on the last day.

We were this close to having something else for dinner because something else never sounded better.

A pep talk was in order.

Heck, a whole big pep rally complete with pom poms was in order.

(((We are Deutsches! Deutsches are not quitters! We will prevail!! Victory is ours sayeth the Deutschlets!)))

Rah     Rah     Rah

Triumphing over our sinful, carnal, earthly desires for other food, we cooked up some rice and threw on a few beans on night 7. Shazam! Take that, flesh.

Our spending totals for the week were as follows: (This is for breakfast and dinner only, we had other stuff for lunch given our overwhelming urge to eat something different the kids' school schedule, praise the Lord God almighty.)

20 lb. bag of rice - $10
4 gallons organic milk to pour over the rice for breakfast - $20
12 cans organic beans, variety of types - $18
1 can Rotel tomatoes - $1
Garden veggies: FREE!
A whopping $49 (+ what we had for lunch and snacks. Shhhhh......)

The difference between this and what we would have spent otherwise will be donated to Solid Rock International.

Overall this was a tremendous experience for all of us and it is one we will certainly do again. As we talked last night about what we learned a prevailing theme was that we crave variety and we are very, very fortunate to have the ability to enjoy an abundance of different types of foods.

For us not eating out was not hard....because we don't really eat out.

Although each day I served a different kind of bean, we tired of rice and beans in a hurry. It's truly humbling to consider those who are grateful for just exactly the thing we grumble over.

We are thankful for the experience and we haven't seen the last of you yet, Rice and Bean Fasts...
Tonight, oh-so-thankful to NOT be eating rice and beans.
But we couldn't forget a celebratory dessert, now could we?
Rice cakes with Jellybeans. Ba-da-bum. *Cling*

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Anonymous said...

What a great lesson for your children to learn and what a great way to share with others. You are a terrific mom! Love reading your posts.


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