Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Monday, September 30, 2013

Our very own LHOTP

Feeling a tad sentimental after our annual round of we will get one good shot even it kills every last one of us so shut up and smile family photos, I had this uh-mazing idea for a post in which I chronologically place all of our Christmas card photos on the blog, beginning when it was just the 2 of us, The Bald Man and Myself. Of course, if I was the organized type, I would have every year's pictures in one handy dandy location marked with a nice CHRISTMAS CARDS sticker printed with my old school label maker. Being that I am not The Organized Type, I do not. So I began sifting through old albums in an attempt to find what I was searching for.





As in catastrophic for my poor mind whose *relative* mental health already teeters in the balance on the rattled brink of unhinged.

I must have temporarily lost my *relatively few* marbles forgetting that I am after all, me. I do not cope well with my babes growing up. Nor do I cope well with myself growing outward.

I made it about 5 years in, to just before Stryder was born and called it quits, rubbing my puffy, smudged eyeballs. Not too hard though, don't want to exacerbate the wrinkling process. I was ruined. For at least the day.

It didn't help that I was already shall I say this nicely? Rather heavily aged and heavily, um, heavy-ed after editing this year's family pics. Looking at my younger, thinner self was a total downer. My husband steadfastly assures me it is the clothing I was wearing in the picture that made me appear heftier than usual, not my actual expanding girth. That's his story and he's stickin to it. Smart man, that bald one. It's my Dolly's fault. She picked out my "rainbowey" shirt. I forgave her. My love. Then, I burned the shirt. And the jeans.

To pick my big fat fragile, aging, ego up off the floor, and lift my spirits, I decided I would instead post a few pics of what the handyman has been doing around the house.

How much do I love an old farmhouse? So. Much. I do. I love an old farmhouse. We are ever in the process of making over our *relatively newish* house to making it seem *really old* It's a favorite thing of ours mine to do. Bobby slaves away, I watch. Such a grand time.

Modest, homey, cozy, colorful, eclectic, warm, purposeful, and inviting are my decorating goals. I want to have a home you want to come into and a home you don't want to leave.

I've always, always taken pics of the places we've lived, starting with our 1st little teeny tiny apartment. I want to remember what I would have long ago forgotten. Not that I can stand to look back in time. (See above.) Nevertheless, the mere fact that I own pictures that I could one day reminisce over brings me no end of joy.

I've also always, always wanted to peer inside other people's houses. I might get my real estate license just so I can see how folks are livin.

Let's have a glimpse, shall wee? Some of it looks pretty much the same as the last time I photographed, other parts are completely transformed.

Through the front door:
Entry way:
My inordinate affection for antique lighting fixtures:
And for nothing too matchy-matchy:
Living room:
Dining room:
Living room from the dining room:

Kitchen table, where everything happens.
We call this "the phone counter." See? There's a phone. On the counter!
The kitchen sink a.k.a. My Home.
Mom and Dad's room. Which they share with Echo, Jedi, and often a child or two. Child's bed on the floor.
1) Repurposed mirror from our old dresser now hanging on the wall.
2) Me photographing repurposed mirror.
3) Dog licking his privates while I photograph repurposed mirror.

Blurry pic of old dresser I found at Salvation Army that looks JUST LIKE the one my brother had when he was a kid. Score!
What we affectionately call, "The crib."
Looking into our bathroom from the bedroom.
End of the hall near the kids' bedrooms. Have I mentioned my fondness of antique lighting? No?
The foster baby's room that Jayla has temporarily claimed for herself until the moment she gets the Foster Baby Boot.
The ladies' domain.
The boys could not get their room clean in time for the pic. I'm so surprised. Here they are, scrambling.
The unfinished mudroom that is a mudroom nonetheless. Yipee!
Always a work in progress, we've got plans. Big, big plans. But this is us, now, living, loving, fighting, eating, screaming, singing and sometimes pulling hair out, both belonging to ourselves and others - messing it all up day after day to start again anew.

And with that my ears fill with noise, my heart with satisfaction and my mind with contentment.

Thanks for coming by. :)


One Thankful Mom said...

I love all the pictures of your home, and Tisha, you look wonderful in your family picture. I know this aging stuff is hard, but you are beautiful.

Lisa Stucky said...

Wow! You have made a TON of changes since we were there last. Ahem ... do I hear an invitation to a play date? He. He.

Emily said...

you have caused me to sin--- by posting those pictures-- i covet your decorating skills-- LOVE IT to the max!!!!! and your picture idea- the rainbow-- just beats all. love.

Kim said...

You and Bob make a great team! It looks great! Oh and you look great!

Courtney said...

i LOVE seeing your home AND you!

Erika Stanley said...

Your entryway is amazing!! I love it.

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