Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Slow Down

Bobby took the Monday and Tuesday following Thanksgiving off work, giving us a nice, big, long staycation. We didn't do much of anything at all, really. My mom took the kids for a couple days. When we got them back we watched movies and played games and did all the usual family recreating. Daddy-o even helped with a little schooling, showing me that, wowza, I could use an assistant like him every day. (Math teacher, anyone?)

During these days together, I spent very little time online. As much as I am fueled by the ability to share here and express thoughts in written form (I am DEFiniteLY a verbal processor!) I find there are times that I am also replenished by quiet focus on my family without the regularly overpowering distraction of heavy world wide web usage. Ahem. Can any other stay at home moms attest? (Do I hear an Amen? Hallelujah, sister Tisha?)

How easy is it to squander our hours with our dear and faithful friend, Internet? She can be such a reliable companion with her constant presence available at the simple swipe of a finger or click of a key, stroking our urge for reprieve from the relentless onslaught of monotonous labor awaiting us at every turn. She informs us with current events and satisfies our desire for a little something novel to peer into at any moment of the day we choose. She allows us to socialize without leaving the confines of our own walls. In the Land of No Paychecks, No Reviews, and No Raises, she grants us space to be seen, heard, and noticed amid the sea of under-appreciation where our ships full of children typically sail.

She can be a most precious commodity to enhance our lives - a sanity saver - a little something just for mom when so much of life is about serving her family.

And she can also be a tragic thief, carelessly stealing away irreplaceable minutes that would be better spent without her effervescing preoccupation -- looking directly into the eyes of our loved ones, listening to the sound of their voices, hearing their specific words, responding to their claims rather than shooing them away. These days with our kids, we can't get them back. Not ever. Never.

I have no idea where the balance lies -- there will obviously continue to be a push and pull for not just mothers, but children and fathers and all people in general in this age of technology. It can be so tricky to figure out where and how to establish boundaries (and stick to them!). I struggle with sorting it out as much as anyone else.

I only know that sometimes it is refreshing to draw in the reins and pull back for a while. Indeed.

 Apparently this is the face I make when I'm busted. With chocolate. ? {Not photogenic}
* Our beloved Big Grandma (age 87) fell yesterday afternoon and broke her hip. She was unable to go into surgery last night due to a heart murmur. This woman is a gift from God to the world. Seriously. Everyone should know someone like her. Praying, praying, praying.
**I've just discovered the wonderful world of fantastic filters that make for the most lovely pictures on Instagram. Who knew? Speaking of online usage, if you'd like to follow my photos there you are welcome to find us here :)


Emily said...

i'd appreciate it if you stayed out of my head--- i have wanted to post on this very problem-- oh goodness i have a love hate relationship with the internet, FB... love my days when i am physically gone and away from it--ugh.. balance....

Tisha said...

Ha! I'm pretty sure it's an issue for moms (and most people!) in general, don't you think, Emily? My phone is not very smart. I can't really get online with it - it takes forever, costs me minutes I don't want to use, etc. So when I am away from home I too enjoy the physical break from online access. It is so, so refreshing and allows me to truly be present in the moment/activity with which I am involved. I'm going to avoid an iPhone as long as possible!!

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