Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Around the Homestead

**First, answers to a couple questions. 

El numero uno: What makes ME feel loved? I like them all! [The love languages, that is.] Except the gifts. Unless a gift is really useful and kitchen-ey. Those are my favorite. As far as the nibblets are concerned, I enjoy them hanging out with me and telling me about themselves. I try to ask lots of questions so I can really get to know what makes them tick. I like it when they come along side me and we talk as we (mostly I) work together. I also like playing games with them and reading books and we often have a lot of fun during school. Like yesterday when Jayla, unbeknownst to me, recorded my *awesome* rendition of Just Give Me a Reason and sent it to me via e mail. Listening to it later and hearing us all laugh reminded me of what a gift it is to so much spend time with them, even though school can regularly be frustrating. My love tank is filled by their presence. I like them near. 

Regarding The Calvous Man Of the House? Of course, my honey do list is long. Because he is a capable handyman and there is nothing hotter than a capable handyman. I do like it when he checks off those items one by one. So acts of service are big around here. But is that what makes me feel most loved? Probably not.

I need   T    I    M    E. 

Spent together. Chatting, laughing, doing nothing or something or whatever. That's probably my primary love language. But his words of affirmation go a long way too. As does a hug when he gets home from work. So, all in all I'm a high maintenance hillbilly who requires just about all the languages of love.

Just don't buy me lots of gifts. Not with our shared bank account, anyway.

Truthfully, my honey love language speaker is an EXcellENT listener who always gives me lots of room to verbally process and just be completely myself. And he remembers what I say. THAT speaks love to me in a big, big way.

El numero dos: Concerning the ideas for the pictures and writing prompts for the kids? Most of them just come to me while we're doing school or sometime throughout the day based on what we are learning or what's going on with the younger population. I'm definitely known for stopping everything to do a creative writing or drawing assignment.  
Some poor phone photos of what happened down on the prairie over the summer --

Life of a wannabe homesteader is never a bore... 

Onyx mowing to make way for the lookout tower ~
Lookout tower in progress ~
The expanded garden ~
Our first butchering experience ~
The farmer and his wife doing the deed ~
Shooting mice in the hen house with a BB gun ~ 
The garden well under way ~
Almost complete: The tree house in the land of no trees ~
When bad bees swarm ~ (Noooooooooo!)
Reduce, reuse, recycle: Making a mobile chicken run out of an old trampoline ~
Novice beekeepers trying to hive the swarm ~
Cleaning out the stove pipe for a new year of wood burning ~
Bringing wood to the garage to prep for winter ~
Pulled oodles of green tomatoes due to an early, early September freeze ~ Boo!
New clothesline in the works - the old clothesline area is being turned into a dog run ~
The homesteader's Mercedes Benz ~ 

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Holly said...

you so belong in California ;-)
for reals...this is how everyone (well, lots of people ;-) lives around here!!!

you'd fit right in! (and be closer to ME!)

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