Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Monday, September 29, 2014

I suck. No, wait...I'm awesome!

No, really. I'm b-a-a-a-a-a-d. Until I'm oh so g-o-o-o-o-o-d.

Flint has been engaged in a series of tests that comprise a complete neuro psych evaluation. We've been coming and going and driving...and...driving...and...driving...(did I mention driving?) back and forth to and from downtown Colorado Springs so he can be quizzed all the day long in an attempt to help us understand the way the grey matter atop his head functions. 

He is being tested on IQ, academic skills, processing speed, language, attention, memory, learning, problem solving, visual processing, fine motor skills and social/emotional/behavioral skills. It should be a very telling set of results that will help us better understand how his mind processes information and what we can do to best serve him, especially with regard to his unique educational needs. 

And so...

It has started a conversation amongst the congregation that comprises the student body representation of Deutchland Academy. Because everyone knows. Flint struggles. A lot of time is spent working to assist him. Mom struggles. Dad struggles. We all struggle, struggle, struggle with the Ethiopian male child. 

But the thing is, Flint has his own personal set of outstanding strengths too. Stuff that sets him far apart, way out ahead of the crowd. Like his pleasant disposition. The boy is full of blessed sunshine down deep in his soul. Complain? He doesn't do it. Ever. Not at all. The child eats whatever heap of vegetable medley tis laid upon his plate, then he says, thank you. With a smile (!) For realsies. His heart? Made of pure, spun gold. It's a big one. Pumping all kinds of juicy gladness through that body of his. He has his challenges, yes. And they often take center stage because we just have to get the business done in a day. We're American, after all. Productivity is our highest achievement and ultimate goal. Let the fine numbers reflect our stellar work ethic...ahem. 


Aren't we all in the same boat as dear Flint? Knocking it out of the park, bringing the fans to their feet in certain areas and striking out to the boo of the crowd in others? Don't we all have places where our highlights glisten like golden honey dousing wholesome sweetness on every pure bit of goodness they touch? Aren't there moments where we shine like the star we know simply know we were born to become and we can't believe how fortunate we are just to be in the company of ourselves?  

Then, we go and wreck and damage and mar and ruin and clutter some precious thing up. We realize no matter how altruistic we'd like to pretend we are, we can't escape our own self interests to some small extent. We examine our motives and find them sorely wanting. We stare our selfishness in the face and we all at once understand, we are wretched, wretched souls in desperate need of forgiveness from nearly everyone we encounter. 

Because dear humans, do we not splatter our mire at the exact same moment we spread our sunshine? We're a mess like that. And when you think about it, it's kind of a beautiful thing. We are complex, multi faceted creatures in need of tender mercy and cleansing grace at the very second we are lifted high, just as much as when we are brought low. 

We're in this together. All of us in the same wonderful terrible boat. 

Clover - One of my strengths is dancing.
One of my weaknesses is heights.
Meadow - One strength of mine is sharing. Another is sleeping. I also like running a lot. Reading is something I think I'm good at. Doing math I'm sort of good at. Mostly doing the correct thing. I'm good at getting ready to leave the house. Staying healthy is something easy. Coloring I like to do. writing is not a challenge much. One weakness is stealing. One more of mine is drawing. I'm also bad at communicating. I'm not so good at science. Another one is spelling. Coming up with things to do. One thing is lying I do a lot. Remembering what I don't do well. Those are some of my strengths and weaknesses. But there are many more of both.
Flint - My strengths are building and gazing out the window. Some of my weaknesses are spelling, reading, science. Some more of my strengths are forgetting, drawing, tracing, coloring, and lying. (He's not lying. The boy is skilled at lying.)
Jayla - I'm a great party planner. I love baking desserts. I can get my school work done in two hours. I am a responsible babysitter. I like organizing. I am good at using what I have to make what I need. I'm a horrible speller. I don't always get along with my siblings. I hate breakfast burritos, peas and pears. With my braces I'm supposed to brush my teeth three times a day, but I only brush two.
Tyden - One of my weaknesses is keeping  a positive attitude. One of my strengths is pokemon cards. Another one of my strengths is smiling. My weakness is food. I will eat a lot of it.
Onyx - One of my weaknesses can be that when I am around other people I get angry and hurt people. I also just do not like being around the other kids most of the time. (Um, introvert much?!)
One of my strengths is that I like to try new things and that when I do most of the time I like it. Another one of my strengths is I am good at reading comprehension, spelling and mostly I am organized.

Stryder - One of my weaknesses is refusing to do my school work and my jobs. But one of my strengths is making up ideas and doing dot to dots.
Dude. These kids make me so proud. Getting a handle on their own positive and negative attributes so young. They will make some fine, well balanced adults! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE some JOTSCMF! 


Jay Gregg said...

Oh my word---I Love, love, love, love that Flint listed "forgetting" as a strength. Seriously. If only I could be good at forgetting those things that pain me and cause me to doubt. I would never have thought to put that on the "Strengths" list. :) Oh, and this isn't Jay Henry--it's his mom. I'm too lazy to log out and back in as me. :) I guess Laziness will go on my "weaknesses" list.

Ice Cream Lady said...

I like the strength, "gazing out the window". Oh yes, to be able to be content and even wrapped up in our own thoughts, what a joy. I wish for uninterrupted window gazing sometimes. I sure like your writing assignments. I need to copy your example.

Anonymous said...

Flint has always had a special place in my heart. From the moment I mett the no verbal little guy. Just hanging out playing with the dog. No need for all that chatter :) to now the occasional (wish was more often) hanging out and the occasional convoys about whatever feels right. He has grown so much and truley has a heart of beauty.. Love me some Flint. Xoxox to ya'll. Liz and Owen

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