Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Thursday, March 05, 2015


My dad is so awesome!

He is making us new bedrooms. Jayla has one with a triangle shaped closet. It also has a little cabinet for her craft stuff. Clover has one with a little bench at the bottom. My bed is taller than both them. All the beds are different. My dad is even making us a window seat. Our built in loft beds are awesome.

He also made Tyden and Flint a room. They have a symmetrical bedroom. They have built in bunk beds. The desks and dressers are on opposite sides of the room.The window is in the middle of the room.
Onyx and Stryder have not gotten a room yet. When they get one it will be the last one he does. All the rooms are going to be awesome! 

{Reading to Stryder in her temporary bedroom while (awesome!) dad finishes the girls' room.}

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Erika Stanley said...

I love reading what your kids have to say! Great idea Tisha.

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