Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Friday, March 06, 2015


     MY   FAMILY
        BY   Tyden    J     Deutsch

My   family   rocks!  I am going to tell you about my family!

The oldest  person is dad.  He is really cool.  He is making us really cool bedrooms. They each have a desk and wardrobe. And a lot of space. DAD  ROCKS!
Mom is next. She takes care of all 7 of us with no breaks. I could not do that! She is very loving and sweet to us. On Saturday mornings she makes blueberry waffles while we watch TV! Mom is always doing things for us. She is really nice.

Next is Jayla. She is 13. She is very crafty. She is also very helpful to mom. On Tuesday nights mom goes to Sam's for groceries and Jayla takes care of us. She gives us lots of ice cream!

Now there is Onyx. He is 11. He is very tough. Onyx likes to collect stuff he has more than 200 Pokemon cards. He is also very  smart. He is really good at making friends. He is a great brother!

Next  there is meadow. She is 10 or 11. She is very tall. She is also very positive. She is the best jump roper I have ever seen! She is also very helpful. Plus she can get along with almost anyone she meets! She is an awesome sister!

 Now there is Flint.He is 9. He shares a room with me. He is really fun to play with. He has the whitest smile ever! He loses a tooth like every day. Flint is really cool!

 Stryder is very energetic. He is 8. He can go outside in the snow with no shoes. He loves playing with Onyx. He is also very good at wrestling and fighting. And he loves to do dot to dots.

Clover is the youngest and the cutest. She is 7. During the summer she will wear swimsuits all day. She is kind of bossy. She has a lot of stuffed animals. She also has 2 blankets.She always has at least 1 of them with her.
That is all of my family!!!!!    

Unless you count my grandma J.J. She likes to have us over to her house! 


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