Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Monday, August 04, 2008

To my favorite friends who blog: (in alphabetical order)
It's not Emily Dickinson, but it is from the heart.

She writes me often things that are funny.
She shares tidbits from Dave Ramsey about money.
She has good taste in music and can knit and sew.
She's a friend to whom I like to go.

She's a military wife and mother.
Her darling daughter has 2 big brothers.
She reads a lot and hangs out at Borders.
They don't even have to ask, they know what she'll order.

She homeschools her boys down in the big state.
They play legos and go fishing with bait.
She knows how to get the information I need.
Back for a visit soon, I hope she'll speed.

She's a hippie gal who's all natural and pure.
She welcomed a baby boy where only girls were.
She loves Jesus and likes lots of trees.
She moved from Colorado so she wouldn't have to freeze.

She's quite thoughtful and she has many friends.
She paints her house with the cutest color trends.
She goes to the farm and miles she likes to run.
She takes her kids out for all kinds of fun.

She works very hard and owns a concession stand.
In a camper she lives on some land.
She leaves sweet comments and is very kind.
Knowing her in person, I wouldn't mind.

She can decorate a special and fancy cake.
And a bunch of other crafts she likes to make.
She's got a whole lotta cute girls under four.
And she still keeps a really clean floor.

She's a woman who's up on current events.
She's moving to Germany, my poor heart laments.
She does yoga and she loves to ski.
She recycles so much she hugs a tree.

She's a children's pastor's wife with 2 pretty girls.
And in their hair they have the cutest curls.
She dresses them alike with ribbons and bows.
And she sings a lovely song, all her church knows.

She's been my friend a really long time.
She's full of hospitality and offers cold water with lime.
She has 2 girls just as petite as can be.
She always has a helpful gardening tip for me.

She went to Oregon which was good for her soul.
In her family that's how they roll.
She works at school with some very special tykes.
Her loving husband's name is Mike.

She is the one who introduced me to a blog.
She lived in Montana in a home made of log.
She has a love for ministry and can teach a Bradley Class.
She has two lads and a little lass.

She cooks up a storm and her Indian food tastes great.
When she is going to bring me some I can hardly wait.
She swims with our pediatrician who's name is Kathleen.
She has a condo in the mountains where it's lush and green.

She goes on vacation more than anyone I know.
Along with her I would like to go.
She reminds me that time passes too fast.
So enjoy my kids, this time won't last.

She's a teacher and she's going back to class.
With her family she enjoys a weekend Mass.
She has a couple of small little dogs.
In her garden there may be some frogs.

I was going to give some link love, but oh my goodness. That was taking forever and I kept leaving the page on accident without saving, losing all the links, OY, NOT good for the blood pressure. Please know, I love all your links, my friends.

Now that I've spent the afternoon writing this rhyme, I must go give JOTSC my precious time.



Amy© said...

Too cute! Thank you! :D

Kim said...

Oh Tisha super sweet! I'm so happy to be one of your blog and life long friends! Lots of love back to you and give those JOTSC some love from us.

Sandy said...

What a great idea... this should be a meme. .. maybe I'll give it a whirl, too.

Loved the one about Katy... that was funny.

Holly said...

I feel like I was just given a tribute!
I love it!
I laughed so hard at my 'clean floor' shout out - I'm assuming you meant that I clean my floors when I'm stressed (that post was a long time ago and yet, it's still true!!!)

I can't rhyme to save my life!
serious talent here people!

Courtney said...

so sweet...and fun! you're amazing!

Kristi said...

Thank you Tisha, this was great - you are so very clever! Each one was awesome, but I especially liked mine (-: Have a wonderful day!

chrisnoelle said...

back atcha! You are the blog'her'.

i am a lurker now that mine isn't working good for me......
i guess i will hug a tree to pass the love :)

Alicia said...

Tisha deutsch, the Poet Laureat of Peyton, CO. Very creative and thanks for the kind thoughts.

EM said...

What an honor! I'm not sure if you know what a boost that was. I've been thirsting for some kind word from an adult (my DH is a man of few words, though I know he loves me) and that was just the thing. I hope you won't mind if I copy and paste it onto my blog. It just tickled me pink!

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